Dimensions CM

Develop collaboratively, securely & efficiently

Change & Branch Visualization

Visualize your streams, branches and dependencies in a graphical timeline view. Watch in real-time as streams are branched and merged. Easily review the health and readiness of your changes to determine if they are ready to be merged or released.

Agile Request Management

Organize your requests into prioritized backlogs, add epics and features, and rank them. Estimate effort, view status, and improve visibility and team collaboration.

Agile Request Tracking

Visualize and manage the status of your development requests using an interactive cardwall and easily communicate the status among team members. Monitor progress, identify bottlenecks and manage the movement of requests between owners efficiently. 

Shift Left

Easily combine your preferred code-centric tools into a continuous inspection toolchain, including CI, static analysis and web vulnerability tools.  Providing rapid feedback to developers, and aggregated KPI metrics to determine software quality and release readiness, enabling confidence for release automation.

Collaborative Peer Review

Conduct global code reviews quickly and efficiently. View activity streams, add in-line comments, and collaborate early with your peers to improve the quality of code, increase team velocity, and speed approval.

Annotation View

Annotate the lines of code in your source file, and make it easier to find when a change was introduced. Browse the list of changes to a file, by whom and when. View additions, deletions and modifications, together with any associated change requests.


Mainframe Support

Extend the power of Dimensions CM to the mainframe with Dimensions z/OS and deliver a unified SCM experience across distributed and mainframe platforms, simplifying the administration and coordination of cross platform development and release preparations.


Mobile Platform Support

Make the adoption of mobile development easy through support for Appcelerator and Apple Xcode development environments, and manage the development of your mobile applications with integrity and security.