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Serena Products

Serena Products


Serena products help your IT organization deliver what the business needs – faster, cheaper and more predictably. Whether you're developing custom applications for the mainframe or delivering IT services in the cloud, Serena products offer comprehensive capabilities for both Application Development and IT Operations.

Featured Products

  • Serena Release Manager

    Release Manager screenshot

    Providing centralized planning and control for all your release management processes, Serena Release Manager enables you to manage the testing and implementation of software changes from build to production.
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  • Serena Service Manager


    Serena Service Manager Serena Service Manager (SSM) represents a new process-driven approach to ITSM. Unlike traditional ITSM solutions that are difficult to use, expensive to maintain, and provide limited visibility, Serena Service Manager draws on the power of a process management platform to provide a lightweight, lower TCO solution.
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  • Serena Business Manager


    SBM is the process management platform of choice for companies that want to rapidly create and adapt process-based applications that improve enterprise agility, productivity, and accountability.
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  • Dimensions CM


    Manage changes for your software configurations efficiently and effectively across global teams with Dimensions® CM, which uses a single, unified process for faster, higher quality outcomes.
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Mainframe Products

For than 35 years, Serena Software has delivered solutions to improve mainframe processing and application development. The first solution for DevOps was one of the early mainframe products, ChangeMan ZMF. In the words of Doug Troxel, founder of Serena Software and member of the Board of Directors, "We made ChangeMan so that Dev and Ops could work better together and improve the flow of code through test and into production - IT needed a way to stop tossing code over the wall." That wall being the wall between Dev and Ops. Read more below about Serena mainframe products.

  • ChangeMan ZMF
    Forever the leader in mainframe application development and release management, ChangeMan ZMF tracks every change for a reliable and streamlined implementation of software changes in z/OS environments.

    ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack
    Because modern mainframe software development occurs on both mainframe and distributed systems, ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack provides multiple client interfaces. You can use the Eclipse Workbench, IBM Rational Developer for System z, a standard web browser, or ChangeMan ZMF to develop and maintain your mainframe applications.

  • ChangeMan SSM
    For your peace of mind, ChangeMan SSM ensures that only authorized changes are made to production, provides for rapid disaster recovery, and reduces planned downtime.

    Comparex® Effectively compare files, data, text, and directories with the any-to-any comparison tool, Comparex®.

  • StarTool StarTool is a set of mainframe developer tools that improves IT operations and application redevelopment productivity. It consists of StarTool DA, FDM and IOO.

    Dimensions for z/OS Dimensions for z/OS extends the capabilities of Dimensions CM to the mainframe, delivering a consistent user experience across distributed and mainframe platforms.


More Serena Products

Serena offers products that help our customers develop, release, and service software and related IT processes. Serena’s solutions often provide a process-based viewpoint for customers, allowing them to address individual pain-points in an IT lifecycle or take a multi-stage, co-ordinated approach.

  • Serena On Demand With Serena On Demand, you can leverage the same powerful functionality that's available in our process-based solutions for on premises deployments, via the Cloud, for both Serena Service Manager and Serena Request Center.

    Serena Request Center Serena Request Center provides your IT organization with a solution to help create a contemporary, new face of IT. It can serve as the single point of contact between your customers and your IT organization and as the single entry point into your service desk or other SBM-powered applications.

  • Serena Development Manager Serena Development Manager helps global development organizations orchestrate application development across disparate development tools, departmental processes and platforms – from mainframe to mobile. Serena is a recognized leader in helping IT organizations manage changes and configurations for over 30 years.

    Dimensions® RM Dimensions® RM offers a collaborative and auditable process to define, manage, and trace all of your business requirements.

  • PVCS® VM and PVCS® Pro For close to 30 years, thousands of software developers worldwide have trusted PVCS® VM as a reliable, fast-to-deploy solution for version control. Serena also offers PVCS® Pro, a robust version and lifecycle management manager for low complexity change management needs that is perfectly suited for small teams.

    Prototype Composer Quickly clarify requirements and simulate how an application will look and function before any code is even written using Prototype Composer.