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Company History



2012 Serena releases Serena Demand Manager, Serena Requirements Manager
2011 Serena introduces Orchestrated IT
  Serena launches Serena Release Manager, Serena Service Manager, Serena Dashboard, Serena Development Manager
2010 Serena introduces Orchestrated ALM
2008 Serena acquires Projity
2006 Serena acquires Pacific Edge
  Silver Lake Partners takes Serena private for $1.2B
2005 Serena acquires Apptero and Data Scientific
2004 Serena acquires Integrated Chipware
  Serena acquires Merant
2003 Serena acquires TeamShare (TeamTrack, now called SBM)
1999 Serena IPO under SRNA at initial price of $13 a share
1998 Merant formed by merging of Intersolv and MicroFocus
1997 Dick Doerr becomes first full-time CEO
1993 Serena buys back Comparex from Sterling Software
1991 Intersolv formed by Sage and Index Technology merge
1989 Sage acquires Polytron
1988 25 employees
1983 Sterling Software (Software Module Marketing) resell Comparex
1982 Polytron founded
1980 Comparex created
  Doug Troxel founds Serena




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