January 2014
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Feature Story
Three DevOps Predictions for 2014
2013 has been an exciting year in the evolution of the DevOps movement, and at Serena we predict even more exciting developments in 2014. Based on information collected from conferences across the globe and from our customers, we put forward three DevOps predictions for 2014:
  1. IT organizations realize that DevOps is more than just automating deployments.
  2. Industries that are traditionally slower to change will now lead in DevOps adoption.
  3. Even more spectacular software release failures.
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Analyst Review: Serena Release Manager
CIC Analyst Report on Serena Release Manager
CIC Consulting believes Serena Release Manager v5 has a strong competitive edge, mostly because of its out-of-the-box features. Read the report.
Best of the Blogs
SD Times
A chat about the future of software and the enterprise
SD Times
Continuous delivery is a trendy buzzword but do you know what it really means and is anyone doing it?
Data Center Post
How an Enterprise-grade Release Management Solution Can Avoid a Botched Software System Update
Data Center Post
An integrated process and deployment automation solution is a must for mission critical businesses.
DevOps: 5 Signs Enterprises Need to Unite the Dev and Ops Camps
It may be time for your organization to bring Dev and Ops together to communicate, collaborate and integrate.
Case Study
Kingman Regional Medical Center Optimizes Patient Care Through Automation of IT Processes
Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) is a non-profit medical center that focuses on the work environment and continuous improvement so that they can provide the highest satisfaction to their patients. When their Capital Expenditure Process was bogging down staff and practitioners with manual processes and approvals, KRMC turned to Serena for an automated IT process solution.
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Case study
Serena in the News
Database Trends and Applications
Serena Strengthens DevOps Approach to Software Releases
Database Trends and Applications
Five new Serena Release Manager v5 capabilities will help enterprise IT organizations bring dev and ops teams together.
Dr. Dobb's
Has Serena Served An Ace?
Dr. Dobb's
The latest Serena Release Manager brings process management and automated application deployment together in a single product.
SD Times
Tasktop adds support to all members of software delivery teams
SD Times
Serena partner Tasktop released a new version of Sync, which provides new capabilities for development teams using Serena Business Manager (SBM).
Product News
The following new releases are available at the Support Website.
Serena Release Manager v5.0
Serena Service Manager v5.0
Serena Business Manager (SBM) v10.1.3
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product releases
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