Upcoming Live Webcasts

  • Winter Mainframe VUG: Tools for modern mainframe development and delivery

    The merge of Micro Focus and Serena brings together the industry's most well-regarded mainframe software delivery tools under one roof. In this and subsequent Mainframe Virtual User Group meetings, we'll dive deep into an aspect of the DevOps toolchain showcasing demos across the delivery lifecycle that help mainframe teams improve quality, lower cost and accelerate time to market while ensuring a stable, secure, compliant and predictable IT environment.

    Join this mainframe virtual user group meeting to learn how Micro Focus application intelligence and analysis tools can help your organization during the planning phase of DevOps.

  • Overcome Continuous Delivery Automation Challenges and Streamline Your Delivery Pipeline

    Join this web seminar, a TechWell event, to learn how to solve key automation challenges present in today's continuous delivery pipelines. You'll hear about real customer scenarios and understand how they used automation to achieve their delivery goals.

    You'll also learn how to:

    •Use automation to reduce time and effort to test apps across multiple platforms and devices

    •Reduce the build-to-deploy/test cycle time across the delivery pipeline

    •Rapidly stand up and tear down production-like application environments