Master End User License Agreement

Distributed and Mainframe Products

The Master End-User License Agreement ("MEULA") sets forth the terms and conditions upon which our International Distributors license and provide support for Serena software products to end-users. These terms and conditions are referenced in the customer's Purchase Authorization Letter ("PAL"), which is issued by our International Distributors and is a quotation and order instrument in connection with the purchase of Serena software products and services from our International Distributors.

The PAL and MEULA represent a license agreement between the applicable International Distributor and end-user customer. The MEULA is made available on Serena's website solely for the convenience of our International Distributors and their end-user customers.

MEULA sets forth the terms and conditions applicable to all Serena software products, maintenance and support that are available through our International Distributors. To access the MEULA, click the applixable link below.

If the PAL refers to the Master License and Support Agreement or MLSA, please visit