What does Star Wars have to do with software change management? In this entertaining webinar, Benny Westaedt teaches viewers about ChangeMan® ZMF Enterprise Release Option (ERO)—illustrating his points with lessons learned from the downfall of the Galactic Empire, the destruction of the Death Star, and the successes of the Rebel Alliance.

Request the webinar to learn:

  • Whom ERO is for, and why the option isn’t ideal for everyone
  • What makes a successful release process...and what can be a disaster
  • Which lessons can be learned when things go wrong
  • 9 steps to build strategy and tactics for application release
  • How to discover hidden revenues via the ChangeMan ZMF ERO

Find out how to save resources and money using ChangeMan ZMF Enterprise Release Option.

This webinar is from the January 2014 meeting of the Mainframe Virtual User Group.

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How ChangeMan ZMF's ERO Option Saves You Resources and Money Webinar - 32:14

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