Data breaches can happen at any time. Is your organization prepared to handle them? Do you have a computer security incident response plan (CSIRP) in place?

The data sheet shows how the CSIRP process app from SBM provides a centralized coordination effort for IT security services, resulting in quicker incident recovery time.

Request the data sheet to learn:

  • Why businesses need a CSIRP in place
  • How the CSIRP process app fits into SBM
  • How a CSIRP can save your enterprise $1,000s
  • Why no programming knowledge is needed when using the app
  • How Serena (now part of Micro Focus) can help with the implementation process

Discover how the CSIRP process app can improve your ability to respond and resolve critical incidents.


By using the CSIRP Process App, a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) can efficiently provide a centralized coordination effort for IT security issues within the organization. This allows for quicker incident recovery which equates to less dollars lost due to incidents. Since the team understands legal issues and knows how to preserve evidence in the event of a litigation, use of the application can also be critical during a post-incident audit by internal or external parties.

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