ChangeMan® SSM is a solution for z/OS that detects changes to systems software, synchronizes multiple operating environments and enables rapid restores of failed systems to a functioning state. Using a unique fingerprinting technology, SSM will detect, track, and store changes to the system and document this for audit purposes. All changes to critical libraries are under version control and can be backed out – which allows the system to be returned to a compliant state. Additionally, SSM can collect changes and synchronize the changes with remote environments.

  • Detects changes based on the content of a dataset or PDS member
  • Ensures reversible changes and assures code integrity
  • Provides point-in-time recovery
  • Can identify unused loadlib members to help reduce software costs

ChangeMan SSM provides details about all software infrastructure changes. With SSM, you know what changes were made, when they were made, and who made the changes. Also, you are assured that every change can be backed out reliably and quickly.


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