Does it seem like the plethora of automation tools overlap in their roles? To clear up the confusion, we compared two market leaders to see what each tool can provide as part of an integrated DevOps toolchain.

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  • Why automation is mandatory, not optional
  • How infrastructure automation differs from application release automation
  • Benefits of using an integrated toolchain
  • How to choose the right kind of automation tool that targets your needs
  • Why you should choose Puppet over Deployment Automation...or vice versa.

Comparison charts and honest, in-depth information help you assess automation tools to aid your DevOps transformation or to help automate your production pipeline.


As businesses strive to provide the best possible customer experience, compelling new features or gain competitive advantage, the delivery of more and more application change as quickly and efficiently as possible has come sharply into focus. The question becomes how to enable these two apparently conflicting requirements? Can the increased rate of application delivery required by Development and the levels of stability, traceability, control and rigor required of Operations be delivered, whilst maintaining any regulatory, industry or corporate compliance requirements?

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