In the world of application and deployment, organizations are often forced to choose between quality and speed. Deployment Automation delivers the best of both worlds and allows you to move fast without breaking things.

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  • What the value propositions of deployment and infrastructure automation are
  • What the main focus areas and benefits are of Deployment Automation and Puppet Infrastructure Automation solutions
  • How infrastructure automation and application release automation can benefit your integrated DevOps toolchain
  • How to automate your full application stack using application development solutions

Discover how Deployment Automation software outperforms other solutions and creates a simpler process with a faster time to market.


Deployment Automation can be used to perform a subset of Infrastructure Automation tasks via scripting or existing plugins to third party tools; in certain circumstances, this may be all that’s required by way of infrastructure automation. Examples of such activities may include virtual or cloud-based provisioning, where an existing pre-defined and configured image is used to provide additional virtual or cloud capacity.

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