Adopting DevOps into your software change and configuration management can be tricky. Luckily, Dimensions® CM was built to accommodate today’s Agile and DevOps practices to make managing change and configuration in a DevOps environment easier than ever.

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  • 5 best practices that support common DevOps practices
  • How you can deliver systems and applications up to 25% faster
  • How to eliminate error-prone manual testing and deployment efforts
  • How you can improve visibility into the progress, status, and readiness of your application development

Discover how much Dimensions CM can do for your Agile and DevOps practices when you implement these 5 techniques.


Teams that version everything aren’t constantly challenged with tracking the history and dependency for files that might span multiple repositories. This ensures that files that make up the system or product are not located on shared servers, or hidden in folders on an individual’s laptop, or embedded in a non-versioned database.

Dimensions CM has successfully serviced some of the most sophisticated and complex products and programs and in doing so has versioned a wide variety of information types. With Dimensions CM, QA and release managers enjoy a consolidated view of all application development and delivery artifacts, enabling deployment automation tools to operate from a single version of truth.

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