Serena Branding Downloads

Roboto Font Kit 1.17MB

This zip contains the Roboto font files for both mac & PC, for web-use, and printed collateral.

Logo Kit 1.11MB

This zip contains a standard Serena logo jpg (1517x243, 68KB), transparent png (1517x243, 17KB), and Serena logo vector files in Black & White, CMYK, PMS, White, and Red & White.

Guidelines for using the Serena logo

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these important usage guidelines before downloading the Logo Kit zip file. By downloading the Serena logo, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions for Serena logo usage.

Logo Components

Serena Logo Components

The Serena logo is made up of a wordmark and a coordinating logomark, both of which should appear together. The two elements may not be separated. The Logomark and Wordmark configuration shown is the only lock-up that should be used.

The size or location relationships of the logomark or wordmark should never be altered.

Clear Space

Serena logo clear space

To maintain the integrity of the Serena logo and ensure maximum impact in environments where it appears with other elements, clear space must be maintained on all sides of the logo. The minimum clear space required is relative to the size of the logomark. It is equal to the X-height of the Serena wordmark, as indicated above:

Minimum size and Trademark Scaling

Minimum size and Trademark Scaling

To ensure legibility of the Serena corporate logo, a minimum size has been determined. The logo may never be smaller than 1.25 inches (or 31.75mm) across, from the left edge of the logomark to the right edge of the wordmark. For legal purposes, a small trademark (TM) appears to the upper right side of the wordmark.

The TM is included in the electronic artwork file provided by Serena. In most cases, when scaling the logo, a simple scaling of the entire logo with trademark will suffice. There are two sets of logos for the Serena logo: Regular-sized and small-scale trademark files. In most cases, the regular-sized logos will be used. However, when the logo is smaller than 1.5 in. (38.1mm), the small-scale trademark files should be used. In these files, the TM after Serena is proportionally larger so that it is legible at reduced logo sizes. Do not use the small-scale trademark logos when the logo will appear larger than 1.5 in. or 38.1mm across.

Logo Color Versions

Serena logo color versions

Improper Usage

Improper Usage

In a perfect world, Serena branding would only exist over a light or white background. Since our world is just shy of perfect, be kind to our design, and use your common sense when applying it. To ensure visual impact and preserve the integrity of the Serena logo, any deviation from the established standard usage is prohibited.