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Most organizations figured out a long time ago that instilling some level of governance and control over application source code (your business applications running on the mainframe) was a very good idea. This governance:

  • Saves costs, drives revenue and mitigates risk.
  • Provides traceability for changes.
  • Moves artifacts through a lifecycle of structure and rigor.
  • And most importantly – it protects production.

Yet as sound as this is, I’m amazed at how the other half of the mainframe is open and unprotected.   By and large, most firms don’t have any change governance in place against the system software (the software that’s running your

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I just learnt from one of Serena’s premier customers about the results they’ve obtained from Release Automation.  This leading provider of business intelligence information has experienced a 90%+ reduction in application deployment time by leveraging Serena Release Automation.   By automating release tasks, they decreased the time needed to complete their release processes.  Tasks that took 30-90 minutes went down to an average of 2-3 minutes.   Not only did this accelerate the time-to-release but it also resulted in a huge savings and return on investment for the company.

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In my last post I started to look at the “how” of orchestrating application delivery, specifically macro and micro processes.  Here, I’ll continue on with tools, integrations, interfaces and reports.

As we have seen, every application development group has a huge extant investment in technologies to support their efforts. Ripping them out and replacing them with something generic, but integrated, is not the answer.

We need to step up our requirements in the identification and selection of tools for application development. In fact, I

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MaestroSo we have looked at “why” and we have looked at “what”. Now, Mr. Kipling, we need to look at how.

You can refresh your memory by reading my previous posts on Orchestrating Application Delivery:

We will look at the “how” in several parts:

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Serena enters a new era today with the promotion of several executives.

Good news like this is often triggered by bittersweet news.  In this case, longtime R&D head Carl Theobald’s departure from the company set the ball in motion.  Carl is leaving to stretch his experience beyond R&D.  He’s a rare and special talent and a first rate executive, so we’re expecting great things from him in the wide open future.

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Serena was a sponsor at the Gartner AADI Summit, where we took a survey of over a hundred Application Development (AD) and IT managers and professionals. I posted about the top AD priorities before. Now we look at the most important initiatives.

89% of the respondents rated all of the options “important.” But what was the most important?

Managing application as a business process wins out. 75% rated it very important or extremely important. 28% rate it extremely important.

The graph below shows the different initiatives and how people rated

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In the old days, Release Management was about preventing change. Today, it’s about enabling change.  Nothing changes the business until you release code into production. If you don’t have a crisp, accurate way of deploying application software changes, then you’ll lose your competitive edge and, possibly, disrupt the business. So, it’s absolutely essential to do it right. 

Effective Release Management 

An effective Release Management strategy will:

  1. Improve Release Management efficiency.
  2. Increase production up-time.
  3. Ensure compliance.
  4. Improve communication within Release Management processes.

When you can achieve

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Serena was a sponsor of the Gartner Application Architecture, Development, and Integration conference this last fall in Los Angeles. While we were there, we took the opportunity to survey the conference attendees, and hundreds enthusiastically joined in. The promise of an iPad drawing may have been involved, but I think that the attendees were more motivated by taking the temperature of the industry.

What were the top Application Delivery Priorities?

  1. Deliver Applications Faster
  2. Reduce App Dev Costs
  3. Expand the use of Agile

This is a change from what I have been hearing the last few years, when reducing costs was the #1 priority. More IT and AD professionals identify

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We reviewed the first common myth in the development community.  Here’s a look at the second one and a possible solution. 

One-size-fits-all fits me

So enter the one-size-fits-all (OSFA), one-stop-shop, everything-you-wanted-all-in-one-place tools. These tools try to provide an end-to-end solution that does facilitate the support of the whole lifecycle. The problem is that these tools come from vendors who have to reach a mass audience and so they develop very generic solutions that are entirely agnostic as to your role in the SDLC, your organization’s domain or methodology, best practices, policies and procedures. The big selling point for them is often their

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D  My Documents Corporate Blog Images conductress resized 600So we have seen that the CIO is starved of data. But let’s take a closer look at what is going on in the development community by looking at two common myths:

Best-in-class is best

Each part of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) is a silo. No matter your role, whether an architect, designer, developer, tester, release engineer or whatever you are blessed with incredibly good technology tools to support your ability to conceive and deliver your part of the

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