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I just met with Steven Cronin from our German support team about the Release Management track at Serena’s annual user conference, xChange 2011, from September 19-21 in Las Vegas.  Steven is leading a worldwide team of Serena experts who have built the Release Management conference agenda.

KP: Who should attend this track?

SC: Anyone interested in or responsible for deployment and release

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Application Lifecycle ManagementToday I had the good fortune to meet with Ashley Owen.  As part of the Serena product team that directs and develops our Orchestrated ALM product solutions, he is ideally placed to define the “Orchestrating the Entire Application Lifecycle” track content for xChange, Serena’s annual user conference from September 19-21, 2011.  Here is how our conversation went.

KP: This is a pretty big track; it covers the entire lifecycle from demand to development to

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Record breaking: With over 200 submissions, this year’s “call for speakers” was the largest ever crop of topic suggestions for xChange 2011, the annual Serena customer conference to be held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada from September 19-21.

Over the last six weeks the product teams have been working through the submissions and their task has been very difficult. So many excellent presentations and so few speaking slots. Indeed we have actually opened up additional space to accommodate more of the ideas.

This week the top 80 suggestions went online and you can now

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Today, Serena Software announced that it has signed a multi-year OEM agreement with Nolio, the leader in application release automation. This is great news for our customers and partners because they can now get an industry-leading release automation solution directly from Serena with the full backing of our worldwide, award-winning customer support. With this agreement, Serena is delivering the first and only complete, end-to-end release management solution to the market. No other vendor, from either the App Dev or IT Ops segment, can match the comprehensive release management offering that we are announcing today.
The agreement brings together the best of ALM and release

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What is it about Microsoft Office? I’ve been in the requirements management space for over 20 years, and I still shake my head when I run into organizations that use Word and Excel to manage their requirements. In a recent poll, 68% of Serena Software customers said they use Office for requirements management, which is slightly lower than the industry average of 80%.  See complete poll results below.

RM Poll Graph

Why does Office continue to lure organizations?

Many companies are frustrated by the lack of visibility into their overall application development process. In other words, they don’t have enough “app vision.” But it’s not that easy to get it. The bigger the IT organization, the more likely they have multiple stakeholders, tools, platforms, and processes.   After talking to many of our customers, we compiled the top 5 tips for achieving app vision.

  1. Integrate existing lifecycle tool investments within an automated SDLC. You need to have a standard development process that helps you understand what’s going on. But it also needs to be flexible enough to have localized processes and different tools “plug in”

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Today, Serena announced the availability of Serena Dimensions CM 12, the newest and most powerful version of our software change and configuration management (SCCM) solution. Over the years, Dimensions CM has earned a reputation for being one of the fastest integrated ALM solutions on the market and has helped thousands of customers increase development efficiencies, lower development costs and risks and ensure compliance to standards. The new version builds on these merits, providing release managers with dramatically improved processes around release management in the convenience of a single console for viewing, scheduling and executing release deployments and rollbacks.

While releasing applications into

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Fast globeI’m just back from a trip to Australia where I conducted a number of Release Management seminars.  There was tremendous interest in release management in general and an even more overwhelming interest in release automation.  A Delivery Manager from a large international insurance company approached me after one of the seminars.  We engaged in conversation about their release management process and discussed the increasing complexity of application tiers and infrastructure environments.

This inevitably led to a white board where he proceeded to sketch their release process and draw

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I just met with a Fortune 1000 customer who recently implemented Serena’s Release Management solution with great success. This leading provider of information services is using Serena’s Release Vault and Release Automation to automate deployment of their mission critical applications from development through to the production environment.  I wanted to share some of the business benefits being realized.

Historically, it took 30 to 60 days to release a

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Great applications – or “killer products” – don’t originate within and then emerge magically from development. Innovation properly emerges from development’s close and iterative engagement with customers and the business. Whether developers use an agile or hybrid approach, focusing on how to consistently deliver quality to the customer remains the single most important strategy for delighting customers. In fact, organizations

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