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Serena customer QBE FIRST is part of one of the 25 largest insurance companies in the world.  Their IT organization has been focusing on process and metrics to get the insight and visibility they need to efficiently run a distributed development organization.

Join in on a special customer webcast on Thursday, November 3 as QBE FIRST discusses the 5 key development metrics they use to effectively manage a complex distributed team of developers, QA professionals, business analysts and operations personnel. QBE FIRST will go through:

  • Challenges the company faces as part of a regulated industry
  • Key development processes and metrics, and
  • Best practices for their distributed

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roadblockMany IT executives that I’ve spoken to have found great success with their agile development teams. Greater efficiency. Happier users. Faster cycle times. However, when they look beyond their agile teams, key roadblocks keep popping up. Bottlenecks

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“Evolution not revolution” – Have the changes and upgrades made to Serena’s mainframe software change and configuration management solution, ChangeMan ZMF, been an evolution or a revolution? The ZMF development team has been cranking out new features over the last couple of years: fully integrated Java support (including Impact Analysis, Audit, Build, ISPF, Eclipse, zDD, XML and Web services); HFS and zFS support for Development, Staging, Promotion and Baseline libraries; a new Eclipse Plug-in that

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Today Serena announced that Ultimate Software, a leading provider of human capital cloud management solutions for global business, selected Serena Release Automation, powered by Nolio, as its application deployment solution for Development. 

Ultimate Software has thousands of servers and multiple deployments running daily from pre-production to production. At such a fast pace and high volume of application changes, it’s absolutely critical that they employ a streamlined process-approach to release automation. 

Previously, Ultimate Software was using Symantec Altiris but decided to evaluate other deployment solutions in search of one that

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Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a mainstream deployment option for an increasing number of applications. The advantages – lower costs, simpler and shorter implementation processes, service level guarantees – often outweigh IT’s traditional concerns about controlling assets by keeping critical applications in house.

Some IT organizations have been turning to SaaS for IT management applications. Reasons driving the decision are the same ones behind the sales organization adopting Besides the cost and service-level standards, IT organizations are frustrated that the continuing complexity of legacy ITSM products means many of their features are underused and rarely modified after the

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Last week I visited a Serena Dimensions CM customer who is planning to replace or upgrade their ITSM solution. I had already reached out to them about considering Serena Service Manager. As they reviewed all options, they wanted to learn how they could make a major leap rather than an incremental upgrade. Our discussion included topics that are relevant to any organization that is exploring alternatives to the traditional big (and cumbersome) ITSM vendors.

This customer

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After an entertaining month of poetry-meets-help desk, we are pleased to announce the winners of our first ever Serena Software Help Desk Haiku Contest. The contest pulled in more than 200 creative haikus and we are pleased to have decided on a winner of the iPad 2 Grand prize as well as a couple of honorable mentions worthy of cash prizes as well.

The 100 percent Twitter based contest asked contestants to reveal their best or worst help desk experience in the form of a Haiku.  From the hilarious to the bizarre, we saw a little bit of everything. The judging panel had an extremely difficult time choosing a winner and therefore decided to not only award the grand prize winner with the iPad2, but award the

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The human psyche is overtaking the bells and whistles of technology – finally!  IT leaders are shifting away from the focus of technology to an emphasis on business demands and user expectations.  Think about it.  Your IT organization probably receives a barrage of different requests that are either application development- or operations-related.  The gap between Dev and Ops makes fulfillment and deployment challenging enough, let alone executing

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Exciting times at Serena right now!  We just announced the newest version of Serena Service Manager, the only ITSM offering on the market today that leverages a process-based approach.  We’ve been advocating the need for orchestrated service management.  In other words, a way to automate ITSM processes so that they become transparent, configurable and connected.  I’m happy to report that Serena Service Manager delivers.

Here’s what you can expect from the new solution:

  • A Flexible, Process-Based Approach: Serena Service Manager provides customers service management processes that encapsulate ITIL best practices. Customers can graphically change these processes to match

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Well it has been a wonderful three days here at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The customers are happy and that means I am happy.

xChange is well and truly back!

We started planning xChange 2011 in November 2010 and thousands of hours have gone in to making it such a success. A massive amount of credit goes to the xChange team led by Jen Melvin, Serenity Thompson, Shirley Miller, Vickie Schira, Kath McKeever and Renee Scullin whose tireless efforts delivered up one of the most intensive, content rich, solution focused and fun events I have ever seen.

Attendee reactions were positive, upbeat and excited with many customers ready to sign up for next year’s conference. We

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