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If you were at xChange 2011 you know how stunningly successful it was. So much so that the attendee appraisal forms were in the mid- to high-90th percentile in every category, for every breakout session, for every general session and for all of the events. 

In recognition of this achievement, Serena President and CEO John Nugent awarded the 108-strong Serena xChange team the Gold Award for customer excellence, which comes with a monetary prize. The team decided that this money should be used to create a legacy that would bring some value outside Serena. Much discussion spawned the idea for the Serena Charity Challenge. 

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Yesterday was a big day for Serena.  We won the Pink Elephant Innovation Award for our Serena Service Manager and Serena Release Manager integrated solutions.  We also had significant conversations with hundreds of attendees at the Pink12 conference where the award was given out.

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My colleagues and I recently received almost 1,000 responses for a benchmark study on Application Lifecycle Management practices that we’re conducting. We’re now analyzing the data, but one thing is clear – one of IT’s top issues is requirements. In fact, our preliminary numbers show that almost half of all survey respondents reinvent the wheel when it comes to defining business requirements!  

The good news is that people are getting better. In fact, the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) is just one example of an organization promoting best practices for requirements management. And on February 16, Serena will be participating in an IIBA webcast on requirements traceability.

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Mandalay Bay HotelIf you were at xChange 2011 you know what an incredible event it was. I can promise you that xChange 2012 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, NV will be even better. 

Registration is now open and we have held the 2007 price for another year! Register by June 1st and save $400! Get even more savings when you take your whole team. 

It’s about the

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My latest whitepaper has just been published.  The topic is orchestrated IT operations.  It speaks to how IT ops are evolving in ways both obvious and surprising, and then goes on to suggest six responses that must be mastered. 

The six steps are to synchronize people with processes, to systematize demand management, to automate repetitive tasks, to

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More and more IT Ops execs are expressing their dissatisfaction with their on-premise “ERP-like” service management software.  The gripe is that these systems are complex, costly and very difficult to extend and customize.  One IT exec I spoke with called their ERP-like service management solution their  “cul-de-sac” system…a dead end.  IT execs understand having to pay ERP-like prices to manage global-system-of-record processes (I didn’t say they liked it).  But last I checked, service management systems manage lightweight, business and internal IT services.  So the question is why spend $5M+ for an on-premise ERP-like service management system to solve a $500K problem? 

The traditional

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Underscoring a very successful 2011, I’m proud to announce Serena’s inclusion on the prestigious Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal’s Top 25 Software Companies list. Serena’s $222 million in revenue places us 18th on a list that is topped by Oracle Corp. The rankings are based on revenues for the past four quarters. The full list can be found in the January 20th edition of the weekly newspaper. 

Software is at the heart of high tech, while Silicon Valley is the most concentrated and vibrant tech region in the world. Thus Serena’s ranking as a Top 20 Silicon Valley software company speaks to Serena’s position as one of the most important tech companies in the world.

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Our successful #PlusIs contest wrapped up last week and now it’s time for the winners to claim their prizes and select which charities they’d like for Serena to donate to. 

The Grand Prize winner received an iPad 2 and a $500 donation towards the charity of his

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After an entertaining couple of months, we are pleased to announce the winners of Serena Software’s latest Twitter contest. The PlusIs contest generated hundreds of creative “Plusisms” from a variety of submitters. It was a difficult decision to narrow down to the category and Grand Prize winners.  However, it was an enjoyable exercise, especially because the Grand Prize winner receives an iPad 2 and a $500 donation towards the charity of his choice, while the category winners receive $50 gift cards and $250 donations to their favorite charities. 

Donating $1,000 to charity is always gratifying! 

The Twitter-based contest called for contestants to submit Plusisms for three categories:

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2012 imageChange is coming to both application development and IT operations. Organizations that recognize and embrace it early will stand to benefit most.  Based on Serena’s extensive interactions with leading IT executives and

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