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Pink Elephant logoThis never gets old.  Innovation and validation, that is.  Serena’s innovation in the broad realm of ITIL processes was validated almost a year ago when we won Pink Elephant’s prestigious ITIL Innovation of the Year Award.  The new news is that we’ve just been selected as a finalist for this year’s award, further validating our ongoing innovation.

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Welcome back to the blog series that examines how Serena gains insight from our customers into where our solutions need to develop.

In our second episode we hear from Matt Stratton at Any online business needs to have maximum velocity in IT in order to maintain its competitive edge. To rapidly innovate and turn software versions, has to release software very fast, with repeatable accuracy and efficiency. The pressure was on at because of the development team’s move to Agile methods and the need to ensure business continuity. Two

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Social IT GameThink You Know Your Team?

When was the last time you sat down with your peers and had a discussion about their priorities? What drives your priorities and what drives those of your peers may be widely dissimilar. Time-to-market may be your watch word. Maybe up-time and availability are key for your colleague downstream and driving out costs for an associate upstream.

What if you could have a Leadership Priorities Matrix for everyone in your

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We call our customer conference xChange because it is an opportunity to exchange ideas and insights. It is a once-a-year coming-together of the customer’s best and brightest with Serena’s leadership and development teams. We take time to learn from the customers as much as we have new information to impart.

In this 5-episode blog series I am going to introduce you to some of the key contributors that have helped shape and frame Serena’s direction. Through their experience and knowledge we have created leading solutions to businesses technology issues.

Our first contribution comes

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ITSM Trends InfographicIT organizations are being called upon to provide the most mission critical of services – delivering and maintaining revenue-generating applications that are the face of the business. But a recent survey of 200 IT professionals from a variety of industries revealed an appalling lack of service management process and tool maturity within organizations. This severely impacts their ability to respond to the increasing pace of service demand from the

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Best in Biz Awards TrophyBack in March we launched Doug Serena, CIO, a popular docudrama that served as a case study of an intrepid IT leadership team’s quest to transform their company from endangered to

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After seven great years here at Serena, I am thrilled to announce my new role as Senior Vice President of Products, where I will lead all product development and strategy across Serena’s award-winning portfolio of technologies. Our core purpose here at Serena is to advance the business value of IT by orchestrating application development, delivery, and support. In my humble opinion, Serena has never been so relevant to the industry and solves today’s tremendous market needs.

Needless to say, I’m excited about this new opportunity and look forward to continuing to bring the industry the most innovative ALM, enterprise DevOps, and IT service management solutions available today.

Most recently I

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Requirements document complete?  Check.  Design Complete?  Check.  Configuration work complete?  Check.  Testing complete?  Check.  Go-live date still on target?  Check.  Are we ready?  Um, we think so.  When it comes to ITSM implementations we don’t want to think we are ready, we want to know we are ready.  Yet, this is rarely the case when implementing an ITSM solution.

I recently gave a presentation on ITSM implementation best practices and was reminded of the nonchalant approach most organizations take towards their implementations when it comes to non-technical facets.  In essence, there’s still a large percentage of companies who focus on the go-live date and tool

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Mountain ClimberIn my last blog post, I wrote that the “7 Deadly Sins of IT Demand” are driving down business satisfaction with IT. Any of these sins can make it extremely challenging for IT to efficiently and quickly fulfill demand. Recognize any of them?

  1. The Squeaky Wheel, who constantly harasses IT or escalates requests.
  2. The Black Hole where good requests

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We’re proud to announce that the significant advancements made to our Orchestrated IT solution set are now generally available.  Serena Orchestrated IT 4.0 was specially designed to help agile enterprises take full advantage of mobile, social and cloud capabilities.

For the Front Office, Development, and Operations, Serena Orchestrated IT 4.0 consists of Serena’s major solutions, including Serena Dashboard, Request Center, Demand Manager, Requirements Manager, Development Manager, Release Manager, and Service Manager.

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