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While the Agile revolution isn’t done yet, the methodology is rather widely adopted now in development organizations.  This is especially true when what are being developed are Revenue Applications, apps that are directly used by customers in the course of business.

The game changer for winning the RevApp race has thus moved downstream to Change & Release Management.  Efficiently capturing Change Requests, triaging those CRs, routing and fulfilling them are part of the solution.  So is automating  deployments of both application and operational changes.  Fail at this and

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Well, more than midway.  But isn’t that how it goes in a love affair, we forget the passage of time, besotted with thoughts of the other.  Or something like that.

Actually there is one week left in the three week #DevOpsLove contest and the competition is hot and heavy, so to speak.

Here are three of my faves.

  • Dev, Love means never having to say you’re sorry…to the Help Desk after 10,000 unnecessary calls, Ops – @Kaizeneer
  • Dear John, I’ve met someone. They know my needs, they continuously deliver, always on time. And they’re

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There is a term that has been floating around the internet in the past year or so which illustrates a profound change in how we need to think about applications and how they are released.

That word is “Appification”.

Think about

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Serena Federal User GroupSerena looks forward to hosting a vibrant, interesting and breakout-session-rich Federal User Group at the Newseum in Washington, D.C. on April 3rd, 2013. This year’s agenda is directly driven by the feedback from Federal agencies, customers and partners.  So please mark your diaries and sign up

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We premiered our latest video in front of 1,500 people this week at the Pink13 conference.  You never know how these things will be received until they air, especially when they’re supposed to be funny.  I

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Logistics is the lifeblood of modern life. Most of us did our holiday shopping online and it was the worldwide logistics infrastructure that got those gifts where they needed to go. For MIQ, operating on four continents, customer service is a real differentiator for them. And MIQ’s ability to use technology effectively is a differentiator for MIQ’s customers, as they say, “Supply chain solutions for the speed of innovation.”

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Serena xChange13I’ve said this year after year, but it’s true.  Every xChange, Serena’s Global User Conference, outdoes the previous year in terms of the exchange of ideas, customer presentations, and total participation.  I promise you

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We at Serena Software are especially fond of how modern IT organizations have evolved to support externally-facing, revenue generating applications. Our latest Twitter contest idea was spawned by our own team but also inspired by the most romantic holiday of the year, Valentines Day.

There are three players in the triangle that is today’s product-focused IT orgs: Dev, Ops and DevOps. These teams all work closely together and play integral roles, but such as with

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Continuous Delivery is all the rage for dev teams and the release management / application delivery marketplace.  And rightfully so, as it is the application delivery methodology that lets App Dev deliver the code.  It saves time and money as it cuts the time for applications to be delivered into production.

A key driver for Continuous Delivery has been the adoption of Agile as a development methodology.  Most of our long-term application lifecycle management (ALM) customers have implemented at least some agile development processes,

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Thank you for the feedback on this blog series that examines how Serena gains insight from our customers into where our solutions need to develop. I have tried to respond to every one of the emails but apologies if I missed one. This time I thought we’d take a little sidestep and hear from one of our partners.

MMA Technologies is based in New Jersey. The team comprises of seasoned experts in the field of Release Management with decades of experience delivering business-critical applications into production for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Eric Kunkel

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