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hand upI was inspired to write this article when I kept seeing organizations do exactly the opposite of what they should be doing to develop and deliver applications efficiently.  Essentially, they weren’t practicing DevOps principles that would provide value to customers faster and more reliably.  Check out the list of Eight Mistakes that Prevent DevOps Success, published on CM Crossroads, and make sure you haven’t overlooked any.  As

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2013-Hot-FinalistI am very pleased to announce that another Serena solution has been recognized by the industry. This time our Serena Release Automation solution is in the spotlight for being named a finalist

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DevOps Drive-InGet your ticket to the next feature presentation of Serena’s DevOps Drive-In webcast series, “How to Achieve DevOps Nirvana” on April 25.  Along with release management expert Eric Kunkel from MMA Technologies, we’ll share our experiences designing and implementing release management processes and solutions for several different organizations.  Many of the companies that Eric has worked with have already

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xChange13You know you know a lot about Serena’s solutions. What you know: everyone should know. How would you like to share your insights and experience at the Serena annual customer conference, Read More

devops-ninjaDevOps is about flawless execution, which is what comes to mind when I think of Ninjas.  DevOps Angle just published my article, “ Read More

bridge-the-gapI recently attended DevOps Days in London.  It was an amazing event with lots of great discussions and presentations.  Some of the solutions and ideas presented were extremely creative. I spent time mingling with people who, undoubtedly, really know

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My recent post at WIRED Insights on the Evolution of RevApps is generating plenty of positive feedback.  People are commenting that the focus on Revenue Applications brings fresh insight to a variety of related topics, most especially DevOps.  Or as the posting says, enterprises must properly organize themselves, adopt the necessary tooling and set the right goals to succeed in this brave new world.

What brave new world is that?  The one that has crept up on us, where industry after industry now markets themselves to consumers via the wonders of their RevApps. File an insurance claim? Check in for a flight? Deposit a

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner.  The top #DevOpsLove letter is

You had me at Release Management.

Congrats to its creator, @jdnorthwest, who wins a $150 US AmEx gift card, a bottle of California Champagne and a box of Ghirardelli chocolates to go with the bubbly.

The first runner-up #DevOpsLove letter is

Dev seeks Ops – Lean and agile, partnership of equals, merging makes life worthwhile.

Congrats to

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Serena xChange13The xChange13 Call for Papers is open through March 31.  Serena’s 17th annual global user conference, xChange13, will be in Miami Beach from September 16-18.  We are building the detailed agenda right now and are looking for user stories to share with our customers.  Would you be willing to speak at xChange? If so, please submit your presentation topic and

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This is the last in the “Customers Always Say it Best” series of postings. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed listening again to our customers. Thank you for all the feedback. We will certainly be doing more of this as the year moves forward. For those of you asking where you can register to be part of xChange13, go to

But, back to Mark Stewart and the incredible things

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