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Recently, I was talking to a financial services company during one of Serena’s DevOps Drive-In webcasts.  It was a wonderful story of the evolution of a release process over time and the benefits that were realized.

The company went from having multiple teams that did release management in a slightly different way and communicating via email, to communicating

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phoenix-projectDevOps author and researcher Gene Kim will be my guest speaker for the next Read More

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DevOps is something that is talked about frequently but what does it really mean? How would you react to the folowing statements and questions?

  • DevOps is new and revolutionary!
  • People been doing it for years, right?
  • DevOps practices work best in organizations that provide SaaS
  • DevOps is also for organizations that don’t do WebApps
  • Is it some kind of weird thing from Europe?

What if I said all of the above were at least partially true?

Now that you are

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2013 has been an exciting year in the evolution of the DevOps movement, and at Serena we predict even more exciting developments in 2014.  Based on information collected from conferences across the globe and from our customers, we put forward three DevOps predictions for 2014:

Prediction 1: IT organizations realize that DevOps is more than just automating deployments.

At DevOps conferences worldwide there has been a strong emphasis on addressing culture, as well as automation, in order to be successful. 

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Serena Elevator LobbyWe’re proud to announce the Serena PVCS Version Manager 8.5 release. The updates ensure customers can continue to use PVCS with confidence while platform currency provides

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DevOps Drive-InEarlier in December, Kurt Bittner, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, Inc., participated in the December DevOps Drive-In webcast, “12 Ways of DevOps.”  A couple of the “12 ways” were thought-provoking for me.  When people talk about DevOps and Continuous Delivery, it is frequently in the context of applications that are hosted in the cloud and are relatively easy to iterate quickly.

Hypothesis-Driven Development

I find

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Configuration Management CampIn February, Infrastructure as Code takes center stage in Europe. On February 3rd and 4th in Gent Belgium there is a Configuration Management Camp. As expected the leading providers of infrastructure as code solutions will be

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Release Management bottleneckI spent the past few days at the Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas.  While

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Pace layered application strategyHello again from Las Vegas!  Serena Software is a sponsor of the Gartner Data Center Conference and we are showcasing our recently-announced Read More

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