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I watched a “me too” moment while in the xChange12 breakout session “How to Use the Power of Dimensions CM to Drive Continuous Integration” by Paul Caruana, a member of the Serena Support team. Paul was talking about how Serena uses Jenkins with Dimensions CM to enable continuous integration in our development lab. It was at that point that one of Serena’s customers asked about the ability to integrate Subversion (configuration management), Jenkins (continuous integration) and Dimensions CM (deployment). Before Paul could answer, three other customers added, “We want to do that too. What’s the answer?” As a software provider, we obviously want our customers to use as much of our software as possible.

Day 2 at xChange12

Speeding ALM implementations, Peter Raymond from R&D described Serena’s Orchestrated ALM reference architecture. Walking through domain models, artifact relationships and process models, the reference architecture provides a blueprint to help our customers coordinate and integrate processes and tools across the Application Development and Delivery lifecycle. He then described a customer implementation that was expedited through use of the reference architecture to simply revise and adjust forms, workflows and integrations quickly and efficiently.

There was plenty of excitement when Jack Leon, also from R&D, revealed the evolution of our process-based agile

Las Vegas is a tough town to in which think about losing weight. Yet, I found myself dwelling on that very topic after Serena’s CEO, John Nugent, finished his keynote yesterday’s xChange12. He introduced this notion of “properly weighted” tools. So often I’ve met with companies who, for all of the right reasons, have a complex environment of software applications accumulated over the years. When faced with the need for efficiency gains, they first turn to their software tools in their portfolio with a “can do” attitude. Often times these tools are overweight for what is needed; “it can do that too” is the common mantra. Let me suggest that the “should do” approach is to first look at process

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Mandalay Bay in Las VegasDay two is almost over but for the shouting, er, the xTravaganza.  More about that later.

After yesterday’s focus on Serena’s vision and roadmap, today was all about our customers.  We started off early this morning with 400 people assembled in general session, today’s consisting of an often inspiring set of presentations, including the Serena Innovation Awards, the now traditional Fact or Fiction customer panel and the new Serena Charity Challenge winner.

Serena founder Doug Troxel skyped in

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The interest and importance of release management is evident among Serena’s customers.  Here at Day 1 of Serena xChange12 Global User Conference in the Release Management track, we had a packed house during Julian Fish’

Greetings from Serena xChange! We had a wonderful first day yesterday. DevOps was one of the hottest topics. In several 1:1 conversations, as well as the panel discussion I participated in, customers were keen to discuss how to bring dev and ops together to accelerate innovation and improve service quality.

One of the biggest considerations is an adoption plan. Yes unified tooling to provide orchestration and end to end visibility is a must have, but the beyond that, the biggest challenge is affecting cultural change. The organizations that are on the right track have appointed leaders that have served in both Development and Operations capacities. Those folks “get it”, and are well on their way to

Today was day 1 of Serena’s xChange12. DevOps was a major theme. Our customers are quite clear on this topic: it’s not Dev or Ops but rather Dev and Ops. The real value Serena provides is that we have both feet planted firmly in the Development and Operations domains. Gartner wrote of Serena, “Differentiation is strength in release management, giving Serena the most complete DevOps story.” Our SBM-based, fully integrated, process centric, approach to DevOps will surely help our customers realize the benefits the benefits they seek.

Mandalay Bay in Las VegasThe first day of xChange12 is all but in the record books, and a great one it was.

The morning keynote sessions were fun, informative and well received.  We had some 400 people in the room at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center with another 200 tuned into the live webcast.

Kevin Parker welcomed everyone, and then brought up a “surprise” attendee – Doug Serena, CIO.  Doug Serena updated everyone about how his company had acquired their largest competitor, the one they vanquished

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Mandalay Bay in Las VegasSerena customers, partners and staff from around the world are gathered today at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for xChange12, our 16th Annual Global User Conference.  This year we’re pleased to welcome 250 customers, up 20% from last year’s very successful gathering.  While most attendees are from North America, others are traveling in from Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.

Attendees will be choosing from breakout sessions across six tracks, encompassing Orchestrated IT for Engagement and Visibility,

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Dotting the i’s and crossing the T’s for tomorrow’s open.

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