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xChange13As a release manager, CM manager, configuration manager, help desk manager, administrator, engineer, architect, project manager or analyst, one of the biggest challenges in attending any user conference is getting your manager’s approval. Some upper-level managers view conferences as

xChange13You know you know a lot about Serena’s solutions. What you know: everyone should know. How would you like to share your insights and experience at the Serena annual customer conference,

Serena xChange13The xChange13 Call for Papers is open through March 31.  Serena’s 17th annual global user conference, xChange13, will be in Miami Beach from September 16-18.  We are building the detailed agenda right now and are looking for user stories to share with our customers.  Would you be willing to speak at xChange? If so, please submit your presentation topic and

Serena xChange13I’ve said this year after year, but it’s true.  Every xChange, Serena’s Global User Conference, outdoes the previous year in terms of the exchange of ideas, customer presentations, and total participation.  I promise you

Serena had a great turnout for the Mainframe xChange12 breakout sessions and the “xChange Again” webcast on October 4.  At xChange, our customers had many questions about the future of the mainframe.  In many respects, we are at the greatest crossroads in the history of the mainframe.  Three points were loud and clear from our customers.

1. Our customers are doing more with less.

With downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate restructuring, we have customers is the #1 online rental search destination and the way they stay #1 is with high velocity product releases and deployments.  Matt Stratton of recently lit up xChange12, Serena’s global user conference, with their success story.‘s technology teams were doing two-week sprints but found that releases needed to be managed better and automation was a must.  According to Matt Stratton, Director of Technology Operations at

In our business, we can’t afford to have

Orchestrated ITis how effective organizations develop and manage IT systems. That’s why Serena created a new 2-minute video to explain what Orchestrated IT is all about. This upbeat video debuted at xChange, Serena’s annual user

So the final prize giveaway has been won and the last canapé served. xChange12 is now in the archive as another stellar success … long live xChange13! I thought I’d share a few reflections on the conference this week with a view from the inside of the heady maelstrom that is the annual user conference.

The voice of the customer has always been the focus of xChange, it is, after all, where the name of the conference comes from. This year we were able to hear more of that voice and there was a real sense of progress and achievement in all the customer presentations. I got the sense that,

…and it is not the after effects of xTravaganza

A demonstration of Serena’s Development Manager kicked things off for the early birds with Mike Troth from R&D describing the persona-based UI workbench and the evolving and rich user experience of Serena’s Orchestrated ALM solutions.  Armed with a second coffee, many then headed over to hear Iryna Lutsiuk from the Quality Assurance team reveal an internally developed SBM application for test case management being used to manage test cases, test