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Well it’s here! The registration for xChange15 in Washington DC opened today. Visit for details.

If you are a xChange alumnus, you will have been sent a discount code giving a very special

This is the last in the “Customers Always Say it Best” series of postings. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed listening again to our customers. Thank you for all the feedback. We will certainly be doing more of this as the year moves forward. For those of you asking where you can register to be part of xChange13, go to

But, back to Mark Stewart and the incredible things

Logistics is the lifeblood of modern life. Most of us did our holiday shopping online and it was the worldwide logistics infrastructure that got those gifts where they needed to go. For MIQ, operating on four continents, customer service is a real differentiator for them. And MIQ’s ability to use technology effectively is a differentiator for MIQ’s customers, as they say, “Supply chain solutions for the speed of innovation.”

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Thank you for the feedback on this blog series that examines how Serena gains insight from our customers into where our solutions need to develop. I have tried to respond to every one of the emails but apologies if I missed one. This time I thought we’d take a little sidestep and hear from one of our partners.

MMA Technologies is based in New Jersey. The team comprises of seasoned experts in the field of Release Management with decades of experience delivering business-critical applications into production for some of the largest financial institutions in the world. Eric Kunkel

Welcome back to the blog series that examines how Serena gains insight from our customers into where our solutions need to develop.

In our second episode we hear from Matt Stratton at Any online business needs to have maximum velocity in IT in order to maintain its competitive edge. To rapidly innovate and turn software versions, has to release software very fast, with repeatable accuracy and efficiency. The pressure was on at because of the development team’s move to Agile methods and the need to ensure business continuity. Two

We call our customer conference xChange because it is an opportunity to exchange ideas and insights. It is a once-a-year coming-together of the customer’s best and brightest with Serena’s leadership and development teams. We take time to learn from the customers as much as we have new information to impart.

In this 5-episode blog series I am going to introduce you to some of the key contributors that have helped shape and frame Serena’s direction. Through their experience and knowledge we have created leading solutions to businesses technology issues.

Our first contribution comes