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DevOps bubbleLast week I presented a session at the Agile Development Conference West.  A quick poll of the

The Phoenix ProjectThis week I had the pleasure of hearing Gene Kim speak about DevOps and release management again.  Although

We’re thrilled to announce Serena’s participation and sponsorship at three prominent industry events during the month of June.

June 18-20, we will be at Gartner’s IOM Summit in Orlando and O’Reilly’s Velocity Conference in Santa Clara. The following week, June 21-22, catch us at DevOps Days Mountain View.

Serena executives will be on hand at each event demonstrating release automation and release process control

DevOps bubbleLast week I was in Austin attending my second DevOpsDays event of the year and it had a very different feel to DevOpsDays London.  It was the biggest DevOpsDays event yet with over 300 attendees

I just got back from attending a few back-to-back events.  One of which was ChefConf 2013. It was my first ChefConf and it was a really high energy event with a wide variety of speakers and attendees.  I chose to focus on the sessions covering culture, but there were many great sessions.

The first memorable session was “Scaling systems configuration at Facebook,” presented by Phil Dibowitz from Facebook.  A larger-than-life rock and roll guy if ever I saw one, Phil did an awesome session on why Chef was the appropriate tool for use at Facebook.  I think Phil probably made Chef support staff cringe when he discussed “tweaking” the Chef libraries to meet his needs, but he did add a

hand upI was inspired to write this article when I kept seeing organizations do exactly the opposite of what they should be doing to develop and deliver applications efficiently.  Essentially, they weren’t practicing DevOps principles that would provide value to customers faster and more reliably.  Check out the list of Eight Mistakes that Prevent DevOps Success, published on CM Crossroads, and make sure you haven’t overlooked any.  As

bridge-the-gapI recently attended DevOps Days in London.  It was an amazing event with lots of great discussions and presentations.  Some of the solutions and ideas presented were extremely creative. I spent time mingling with people who, undoubtedly, really know

There is a term that has been floating around the internet in the past year or so which illustrates a profound change in how we need to think about applications and how they are released.

That word is “Appification”.

Think about