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Configuration Management CampIn February, Infrastructure as Code takes center stage in Europe. On February 3rd and 4th in Gent Belgium there is a Configuration Management Camp. As expected the leading providers of infrastructure as code solutions will be

PDX DevOpsDays logoLast week I was at DevOpsDays Portland.  As expected, the open space topics were really interesting.  Two in particular stood out for me.  The first was about

Kanban boardRecently I attended a workshop hosted by Dominica Degrandis on

velocity-igniteThis is my first time attending the tutorial day at a Velocity conference. It’s a

I recently read a fantastic article by Jens Segers on infrastructure as code.  I’m already a big believer in infrastructure as code and agree with Jens that it doesn’t matter which tool you use as long as you strive to have an infrastructure as code initiative.

Serena Release Automation process

Jonathan Thorpe with Shania Twain look-alikeLast week I had the pleasure of working in the Serena booth at Agile2013 (me and a Shania Twain

handshakeI’m going to open with a fact that should hopefully be obvious: Few organizations have a completely manual software release process.

I can imagine you saying things like “Duh! So what? What’s your point?”

The fact that partial solutions to software release problems are already in place poses an interesting problem for software vendors.  Some vendors pursue a policy of attempting to replace existing tools with their own products.  Others, including Serena, believe in co-existing with and adding value to solutions they have already invested

Show me the DevOpsDevOpsDays Silicon Valley was the biggest DevOpsDays event yet.  The event had a more professional feel than previous events I have attended.

Velocity Conference logoMy expectations for Velocity 2013 were high, based on my experience at Velocity 2012.  Once again, the folks from the Ops side of the house were out in force asking plenty of insightful questions.