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Whenever the words “Continuous Delivery” and “Enterprise IT” are used in the same sentence it rapidly turns into a page or at least a paragraph.  That is because “Enterprise IT” generally means a big, diverse set of heterogeneous infrastructures glued together across many teams and locations that use many different tools and processes to develop and deploy software. Each enterprise has its own unique DNA that has organically evolved through generations of applications and technologies with its own historic set of artifacts and

2013 has been an exciting year in the evolution of the DevOps movement, and at Serena we predict even more exciting developments in 2014.  Based on information collected from conferences across the globe and from our customers, we put forward three DevOps predictions for 2014:

Prediction 1: IT organizations realize that DevOps is more than just automating deployments.

At DevOps conferences worldwide there has been a strong emphasis on addressing culture, as well as automation, in order to be successful. 

DevOps Drive-InDevOps is starting to attract mainstream attention, but there is still confusion about what DevOps is and what it takes to have a successful DevOps initiative. Some companies have tried to automate their way to DevOps success; many others are trying to stay true to the core DevOps CAMS (Culture, Automation, Measurement, Sharing) principles.  Unfortunately, most information available is related more to web 2.0 companies than more complex enterprise environments.

These stories are starting to emerge with more enterprise-friendly content

Serena Release Manager V5Having spent many years of my career in both IT operations and application development, I’ve seen both sides of the problem. I remember quite vividly the late night weekend heroics onsite implementing a new release or being woken up at home on a failed release. I’ve also experienced the intense deadline pressure as a developer to deliver the new features that will help ensure that the business makes its quarterly number. From each perspective I always viewed the other team as … well,

volcano cloudAn excellent blog post on the events that led to Knight Capital’s bankruptcy in just 45 minutes was forwarded to me.  Most of us in the industry have heard the story.  It has been used either by vendors as an example of why tools and processes are critical or by others as an example of how things can go very wrong.

With the release of the SEC report, we now have more information than we had

SRA screenshotWe are proud to announce the latest update to Serena Release Automation (SRA).  Advancements have been made in several key areas:

  • Ease of use
  • Cloud ready
  • High availability
  • Self service
  • Scalability
  • Integration

You can read the

I recently read a fantastic article by Jens Segers on infrastructure as code.  I’m already a big believer in infrastructure as code and agree with Jens that it doesn’t matter which tool you use as long as you strive to have an infrastructure as code initiative.

Serena Release Automation processThat leads to an interesting question.  Where do infrastructure as code tools such as Puppet or

traffic lightI’m proud to announce that we have delivered Serena Release Automation 4.5.1!

Serena Release Automation 4.5.1 represents significant new and enhanced release automation capabilities within Serena’s leading Release Management solution, including:

New User

Network Products Guide Awards I am very pleased to announce that Serena’s Release Automation tool has recently been named a winner in this year’s Network Products Guide Awards in the Application Delivery category. This award showcases our continued charge as a leader in the adoption of Release Management and DevOps. This is the third consecutive year that a Serena solution has been a part of the awards finalists’