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DevOps bubbleI’ve just spent an amazing week in London. I already had high hopes for this trip having been to DevOpsDays London earlier this year but I didn’t expect to be blown away by the events.

Attendees at both events were from all over Europe. I’m used to meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds at events in the USA but this was on a totally different scale.

As to be expected, culture and process were

Best in Biz Awards TrophyBack in March we launched Doug Serena, CIO, a popular docudrama that served as a case study of an intrepid IT leadership team’s quest to transform their company from endangered to dominating. Doug Serena, CIO was created to educate people about the benefits of Orchestrated IT in what turned out to be a fun, fresh and catchy new manner of product marketing. Not only was the YouTube docudrama a success, Doug Serena himself made a celebrity appearance at

We’re proud to announce that the significant advancements made to our Orchestrated IT solution set are now generally available.  Serena Orchestrated IT 4.0 was specially designed to help agile enterprises take full advantage of mobile, social and cloud capabilities.

For the Front Office, Development, and Operations, Serena Orchestrated IT 4.0 consists of Serena’s major solutions, including Serena Dashboard, Request Center, Demand Manager, Requirements Manager, Development Manager, Release Manager, and Service Manager.

Serena had a great turnout for the Mainframe xChange12 breakout sessions and the “xChange Again” webcast on October 4.  At xChange, our customers had many questions about the future of the mainframe.  In many respects, we are at the greatest crossroads in the history of the mainframe.  Three points were loud and clear from our customers.

1. Our customers are doing more with less.

With downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate restructuring, we have customers who now have only 2 or 3 ChangeMan ZMF administrators versus the 8

Baseball and bat on the grassTo paraphrase a line in the movie Field of Dreams, “What does IT have to do with baseball?”

Perhaps a lot more than you think.

Last weekend, I watched a more recent Academy Award-nominated baseball film, Moneyball, starring Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.  Based on Michael Lewis’s biographical book of the same name,

UP-START Cloud Computing Awards - Vote for Serena!This has been an exceptional year for industry recognition of Serena Software. So far we’ve walked away with awards from SD Times, Network Product Guide and the Tech Awards Circle. All this in addition to being named Innovator of the Year by Pink Elephant!

We’re looking to keep the momentum going with the “Best Hybrid Cloud Solution,” one of the 2012 UP-START Cloud Computing Awards. The 2012 UP-START Cloud Awards recognize

Agile2012 Survey InfographicAnother survey, another clear sign that IT needs to focus on the entire IT lifecycle in order to be more successful. Earlier this year, we surveyed about 1000 IT professionals, who indicated that development was doing relatively well. However, when it came to upstream and downstream processes like defining requirements and releasing apps into production, they told us a very different

It is time to name and celebrate the winners of our latest contest. The “IT Agility Deserves a Beer” contest generated many entertaining and creative haikus from a variety of submitters, including some entries from our awesome customers. The contest played in nicely with our recent Orchestrated IT for the Agile Enterprise products launch and generated some nice buzz at

Orchestrated IT is how effective organizations develop and manage IT systems. That’s why Serena created a new 2-minute video to explain what Orchestrated IT is all about. This upbeat video debuted at xChange, Serena’s annual user conference, and received many glowing reviews from IT professionals in the crowd! Watch the video and I