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The human psyche is overtaking the bells and whistles of technology – finally!  IT leaders are shifting away from the focus of technology to an emphasis on business demands and user expectations.  Think about it.  Your IT organization probably receives a barrage of different requests that are either application development- or operations-related.  The gap between Dev and Ops makes fulfillment and deployment challenging enough, let alone executing

Exciting times at Serena right now!  We just announced the newest version of Serena Service Manager, the only ITSM offering on the market today that leverages a process-based approach.  We’ve been advocating the need for orchestrated service management.  In other words, a way to automate ITSM processes so that they become transparent, configurable and connected.  I’m happy to report that Serena Service Manager delivers.

Here’s what you can expect from the new solution:

  • A Flexible, Process-Based Approach: Serena Service Manager provides customers service management processes that encapsulate ITIL best practices. Customers can graphically change these processes to match

Last week I visited a Serena customer who is a long-time devotee of our Dimensions Requirements Management solution. They were planning to upgrade or possibly replace their ITSM solution, and I had already reached out to them about considering Serena Service Manager. I knew that as they considered all options, they wanted to learn more the pros and cons of replacing their legacy solution with something more innovative. They considered their current implementation to be outdated and unsuited for the breadth and style of service delivery their users are demanding.

Our discussion included topics that are relevant to any organization that is exploring alternatives to the traditional big and cumbersome ITSM vendors:

The future of Service Desks is customer request centers.  They will be designed with an outside-in approach that flips the traditional focus on technology to an emphasis on business demands and user expectations. While IT Service Management has already

I think everyone agrees exceptional and horrible help desk experiences can make lasting impressions. Everyone has had to deal with that incredibly inept or perhaps really fantastic call center representative in a desperate time of need. On the flip side, service desk agents have their own stories to tell, of clueless users, obtuse systems and heroic colleagues.

Serena is kicking off a Twitter Help Desk Haiku Poem Contest to capture these experiences in verse.

We want you to tap into your creative side for a chance to win an iPad 2 and hear your most horrendous or utopian

One of the strategic goals of IT leaders today is shifting from the traditional focus on technology to an emphasis on business demands and user expectations – from supply to demand. This change in perspective is a true paradigm shift, one that Forrester Research calls “outside-in thinking” and that reflects the ITIL focus on supporting service lifecycles. Besides conceptualizing the work IT does as service delivery rather than technology

Breaking new groundSerena is very proud to announce the next release of Serena Service Manager (SSM).  SSM is a comprehensive IT Service Management Solution that enables the delivery of a full range of IT services, including Service Portal, Service Catalog, and ITIL-based Help Desk Services including Incident, Problem, and Change Management.  These services are integrated with each other, and can be easily integrated with your existing ALM tools and your business applications.  This enables an uninterrupted, seamless fulfillment process across disparate systems, as well as a full 360-degree

It’ll be here before you know it – xChange 2011, Serena’s global user conference from September 19-21 in Las Vegas, Nevada!  I just got an advanced look into the “SBM and IT Process Automation” track from Amita Abraham, group product marketing manager for Serena Business Manager (SBM) and Serena Service Manager.

KP: So, our last poll indicates that more than 60% of those registered for the conference want to know what’s new and exciting with SBM. What do you

Service management systems are IT’s on-line face to the business.  Sure, enterprise apps and personal productivity tools may be how users get their jobs done.  But when that guy in sales or woman in marketing has a problem or needs

Girl with headsetI had the same question. I was on hiatus after working for BMC for a couple of years. I had been toying with the idea of striking out on my own when a conversation with someone I respected from my days at Global 360, a BPM company, piqued my interest. “At least meet with the folks at Serena and hear what they have to say.” I did. And here’s why I decided to take on the reigns of the IT Service Management (ITSM) business at Serena six months ago:

  1. 2000 customers that absolutely love the flexibility of Serena Business Manager (SBM), the company’s BPM solution. With SBM