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Our successful #PlusIs contest wrapped up last week and now it’s time for the winners to claim their prizes and select which charities they’d like for Serena to donate to. 

The Grand Prize winner received an iPad 2 and a $500 donation towards the charity of his

After an entertaining couple of months, we are pleased to announce the winners of Serena Software’s latest Twitter contest. The PlusIs contest generated hundreds of creative “Plusisms” from a variety of submitters. It was a difficult decision to narrow down to the category and Grand Prize winners.  However, it was an enjoyable exercise, especially because the Grand Prize winner receives an iPad 2 and a $500 donation towards the charity of his choice, while the category winners receive $50 gift cards and $250 donations to their favorite charities. 

Donating $1,000 to charity is always gratifying! 

The Twitter-based contest called for contestants to submit Plusisms for three categories:

2012 imageChange is coming to both application development and IT operations. Organizations that recognize and embrace it early will stand to benefit most.  Based on Serena’s extensive interactions with leading IT executives and

How do you best implement Agile lifecycle practices to ensure end-to-end agility for IT application and service delivery?  

Creative Intellect Consulting (CIC), a prominent UK analyst firm, has written a “creative short” – a short paper filled with expert insights – on what leading IT organizations are doing to be truly agile across the entire enterprise. Learn how you can successfully extend agile from a core development focus to a standard that stakeholders across the entire application delivery lifecycle can embrace.  

Read the “12 Strategies for Delivering End-to-End

Enter your #PlusIs on Twitter.We’re officially one-third of the way into our #PlusIs contest and are very impressed with our participants’ creative submissions! Hoping to encourage even more “PlusIsms,” we wanted to share some of the top submissions so far and to remind everyone of the great prizes.

The #PlusIs contest is a chance to use Twitter + your imagination to get creative, have fun and win great

We at Serena Software love PlusIs statements. Our latest Twitter contest idea was spawned by our own mantra of “People + Process = Business In Sync,” the PlusIs that describes how the innovative new Serena Service Manager orchestrates IT Service Management.

Now it’s your turn. The two-month-long PlusIs contest is a chance to use Twitter + your imagination to get creative, have fun and win great prizes, such as an iPad 2 and a $250 donation to the charity of your choice. Three category winners will receive $50 gift cards and $250 charitable donations to the charities of their choice. With three categories to submit for—technology, general and holiday—there is

roadblockMany IT executives that I’ve spoken to have found great success with their agile development teams. Greater efficiency. Happier users. Faster cycle times. However, when they look beyond their agile teams, key roadblocks keep popping up. Bottlenecks

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a mainstream deployment option for an increasing number of applications. The advantages – lower costs, simpler and shorter implementation processes, service level guarantees – often outweigh IT’s traditional concerns about controlling assets by keeping critical applications in house.

Some IT organizations have been turning to SaaS for IT management applications. Reasons driving the decision are the same ones behind the sales organization adopting Besides the cost and service-level standards, IT organizations are frustrated that the continuing complexity of legacy ITSM products means many of their features are underused and rarely modified after the

Last week I visited a Serena Dimensions CM customer who is planning to replace or upgrade their ITSM solution. I had already reached out to them about considering Serena Service Manager. As they reviewed all options, they wanted to learn how they could make a major leap rather than an incremental upgrade. Our discussion included topics that are relevant to any organization that is exploring alternatives to the traditional big (and cumbersome) ITSM vendors.

This customer

After an entertaining month of poetry-meets-help desk, we are pleased to announce the winners of our first ever Serena Software Help Desk Haiku Contest. The contest pulled in more than 200 creative haikus and we are pleased to have decided on a winner of the iPad 2 Grand prize as well as a couple of honorable mentions worthy of cash prizes as well.

The 100 percent Twitter based contest asked contestants to reveal their best or worst help desk experience in the form of a Haiku.  From the hilarious to the bizarre, we saw a little bit of everything. The judging panel had an extremely difficult time choosing a winner and therefore decided to not only award the grand prize winner with the iPad2, but award the