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Over the past couple of weeks we have been traveling around the country as part of a 28-city tour to find out what IT really thinks. Stops included Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Phoenix and San Diego; and this week we are in Washington DC.

The very creative team here at Serena has come up with a fun

I’ve been talking to a lot of IT people about their ideal interface to users.  At our last xChange User Conference,  I ducked out for coffee with a VP of Operations at a financial services company, and we came up with this:

Step 1: Provide a polished and professional web experience.

IT should present its services in a consumer-quality interface designed from the consumers’ perspective. Make sure the site is easy to use by controlling the complexity in the background. And unify IT

I’m very excited to announce that our newest Orchestrated IT solution, Serena Requirements Manager, is now available! Powered by Dimensions RM, Prototype Composer and Serena Business Manager, Serena Requirements Manager provides comprehensive capabilities to orchestrate the entire requirements lifecycle. This release of Requirements Manager introduces process orchestration capabilities to help all stakeholders more easily review,

IT should forget about development. That’s the main message we received from a recent Serena survey of 957 IT professionals in multiple industries and countries. Many said that even with all the advances in mobile and cloud technologies, application development was doing relatively well. However, the “bookend” processes of managing requirements and releases were a much bigger problem.

Out of a scale of 1 to 4, with 4 being “Excellent,” here’s how the survey respondents rated the different Application Lifecycle Management

Relay baton hand-offHere comes DevOps!  But how and why is DevOps forming; and what is it providing?  Of course, DevOps is Application Development (Dev) and IT Operations (Ops) teams working together to deliver the needs of the business.

Why DevOps? 

I am happy to report that the Doug Serena, CIO webisode series, viewable on our YouTube channel and at, has exceeded the 2,000 view milestone. The initial episode alone has been viewed a thousand times.

We created Doug Serena, CIO to educate people about the benefits of Orchestrated IT in a fun and fresh way.  The results have been gratifying, both anecdotally and

VoteAt Serena, we pride ourselves on staying on top of relevant trends and application development issues in all the major markets. Thus we often run targeted surveys to dig deeper into the behavior of a select market. We ran one such survey at our annual Federal User Group meeting held last

xChange 2012The heart of xChange 2012, Serena’s Global User Conference, is the breakout sessions.  But the soul of xChange is the customer presentations. I am thrilled to announce that, as of today, you can submit your ideas for presentations online through an SBM workflow (of course!).

This year we are looking for topics in the

Streets of ChinaFor my first trip to mainland China I was lucky enough to go to Shenzhen. Just a short ferry ride from Hong Kong, Shenzhen is an ultra-modern city with incredible architecture, broad boulevards and super-efficient infrastructure.

I was in China to work with a technology component manufacturer who was looking to overhaul their development processes and toolsets. They need

Episode five, the finale to the popular docudrama Doug Serena, CIO, airs on Monday, April 9th, concluding the case study of an intrepid IT leadership team’s quest to transform their company from endangered to dominating.

Last week, in episode four, the tension between “Team Doug” and “Team Brad” grew to a boiling point as the release date for Millennium quickly approached. We were also introduced to Doug’s “kids”, and the important trip to India he and his wife hoped to take to