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Serena Central - Your Serena community and marketplace
Today Serena Software launched our new community portal Serena Central which provides an enhanced user experience for customers and prospects looking to get the most out of their tools. The new site expands on our previous user communities focused around Build, Learn, and Connect.


Well it’s here! The registration for xChange15 in Washington DC opened today. Visit for details.

If you are a xChange alumnus, you will have been sent a discount code giving a very special

woman in windowMost of the time change can be so gradual that we don’t notice the creep until the problem is critical.  In the mainframe world we submit batch jobs for this and that all day long, but over night we have windows of time dedicated to large specific chunks of work.  There’s a backup/archive window, a synchronization window, a nightly processing window, and the good old online-is-down window.  The trouble comes when one window becomes tight and then starts to affect the other one processing.  For instance: If your nightly batch window has a problem or runs over, then those offshore

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