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The annual DefenceIT conference concluded this week at the Defence Academy in the UK. More than 250 uniformed and civilian technology leaders gathered to talk about the intersection of business solutions and battlespace technology needs.

Defence spending reductions and the prospect of no active engagements beyond December 2014 are reshaping priorities in the UK Ministry of Defence. This is leading to rebrigading (reallocating brigades resources into fewer organizational units) which has the most immediate impact on the armed forces. However this has the

Whenever the words “Continuous Delivery” and “Enterprise IT” are used in the same sentence it rapidly turns into a page or at least a paragraph.  That is because “Enterprise IT” generally means a big, diverse set of heterogeneous infrastructures glued together across many teams and locations that use many different tools and processes to develop and deploy software. Each enterprise has its own unique DNA that has organically evolved through generations of applications and technologies with its own historic set of artifacts and

Modernizing the application development and delivery lifecycle is top of mind for many organizations as they seek ways to meet the increasing demands for new applications and services. With speed and business alignment remaining the top app dev priorities in 2014 (see my blog post on this topic), we see a re-emergence in the importance of application change and configuration management, the adoption of modern development practices, and the

Glenn O’Donnell, Principal Analyst at Forrester paid a visit to Serena Software headquarters in San Mateo, CA this week and joined us for our monthly DevOps Drive-In webcast.  IT is in its own industrial revolution according to Glenn, in part because IT is currently too slow, has poor quality and customers don’t trust IT.  This revolution requires an IT fitness program and not a weight loss program

I am proud and excited to announce that Serena Software has earned the 2013 Omega NorthFace ScoreBoard Award℠ for achieving excellence in customer satisfaction in the area of Customer Support.

This is particularly rewarding because the feedback and ratings are based solely on a random selection of our customers around the world, throughout the year. Not only did Serena earn this award last year but this marks the seventh year that we have earned this high

A couple of weeks ago I had an opportunity to attend Pink14, Pink Elephant’s ITIL conference, and DevOps Day LA in the same week.  What an experience in contrasts.  The ITIL crowd was made up of incident, service and release managers focused on process improvements to manage IT and mitigate risk.  The DevOps crowd was system administrators in charge of moving the bits from development to production.  It

The picture to the right just about sums up how the HGGC and Serena teams and I were feeling right after we announced the ownership change at Serena Software – sheer excitement for what’s to come.  As you may have read earlier in the week in a press release, private equity firm HGGC and I have partnered to acquire Serena.  The deal brings me full circle.

I founded Serena Consulting in 1980 with the express purpose of being a contract

I am pleased to announce that Serena has entered into a definitive agreement to transition the ownership of the company to a partnership of HGGC and Serena founder Doug Troxel. HGGC is a California-based private equity firm that focuses on investing in mid-market technology companies with strong technology, revenue and customers. They have an outstanding record of helping businesses reach their full growth potential.

Doug Troxel will continue as a board member and HGGC’s CEO and co-founder Rich Lawson will join as Chairman. I am excited to

Serena Software released Serena Release Manager v5 back in December and I blogged a brief overview of the features and functions of the release and how it can help organizations start to transform their culture and begin to support the main principles of DevOps. The results ultimately need to transform into improving operational efficiencies and being more responsive to the business. We have seen customers improve

DevOps is something that is talked about frequently but what does it really mean? How would you react to the folowing statements and questions?

  • DevOps is new and revolutionary!
  • People been doing it for years, right?
  • DevOps practices work best in organizations that provide SaaS
  • DevOps is also for organizations that don’t do WebApps
  • Is it some kind of weird thing from Europe?

What if I said all of the above were at least partially true?

Now that you are