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I’m not a golfer but every golfer has their favorite, most dependable iron. In Enterprise IT, its the mainframe. The mainframe has lasted over 50 years because ofBig Iron its resilience, dependability and because it just runs! The problem is that if you mention the word “Mainframe” to most IT professionals today their eyes glaze over and they get totally confused when terms like CICS, IMS or ISPF are mentioned. Deploying composite apps that have mainframe artifacts is currently an

Whenever the words “Continuous Delivery” and “Enterprise IT” are used in the same sentence it rapidly turns into a page or at least a paragraph.  That is because “Enterprise IT” generally means a big, diverse set of heterogeneous infrastructures glued together across many teams and locations that use many different tools and processes to develop and deploy software. Each enterprise has its own unique DNA that has organically evolved through generations of applications and technologies with its own historic set of artifacts and

Glenn O’Donnell, Principal Analyst at Forrester paid a visit to Serena Software headquarters in San Mateo, CA this week and joined us for our monthly DevOps Drive-In webcast.  IT is in its own industrial revolution according to Glenn, in part because IT is currently too slow, has poor quality and customers don’t trust IT.  This revolution requires an IT fitness program and not a weight loss program

A couple of weeks ago I had an opportunity to attend Pink14, Pink Elephant’s ITIL conference, and DevOps Day LA in the same week.  What an experience in contrasts.  The ITIL crowd was made up of incident, service and release managers focused on process improvements to manage IT and mitigate risk.  The DevOps crowd was system administrators in charge of moving the bits from development to production.  It

First, a confession: I am an Olympics junkie.  While running on my treadmill early this morning, I found myself watching the Sweden-Switzerland hockey game.  During the break between periods 1 and 2, the broadcast team turned their attention to the growing story of how the US speed skaters have not won a medal, when they were expected to do so many times.  The reason, currently in circulation, is the new suits they are wearing. These suits — designed by a well-known sports apparel company, in partnership with a well-known aerospace giant – were

It’s been years since agile methodologies went mainstream.  Recently, with DevOps and Continuous Delivery/Deployment, we are now able to work in an agile way from Dev right through to Ops, instead of just Dev and Test working in an agile manner. I am constantly surprised when I hear of organizations not using their new found agility to reduce batch sizes and deliver smaller amounts of quality functionality more frequently.  Also, I often hear about companies who keep their release cycles long and try to put more into a release.  I’m sure we have all

So you think you have an excuse not to practice continuous delivery…

In the January 2014 DevOps Drive-In webcast, Gene Kim and I discussed DevOps frequently asked questions.  I think that we provided a compelling case for adopting a DevOps mindset in your

There are times when I hear things about DevOps which just don’t seem to make much sense.  Sometimes the statements are quite destructive and, in my opinion, make Dev and Ops collaboration so much harder.

Recently, I heard yet again that DevOps will result in Dev taking over Ops responsibilities, essentially reducing the need for people in Ops.  I don’t agree.  The role of staff in both development and operations is changing.  Operations staff are more likely to have development skills and spend more time automating tasks.  If

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Serena Software released Serena Release Manager v5 back in December and I blogged a brief overview of the features and functions of the release and how it can help organizations start to transform their culture and begin to support the main principles of DevOps. The results ultimately need to transform into improving operational efficiencies and being more responsive to the business. We have seen customers improve

The DevOps Drive-In FAQ webcast with Gene Kim was a great success.  As usual, Gene provided a huge amount of valuable information.  I came out of the webcast feeling even more positive about the future of DevOps, which will surprise some people as I’m sure they didn’t think I could become more enthusiastic.

There were a lot of excellent questions which may well inspire future blog posts, but for now I’ll reiterate my thoughts on three tips to

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