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MusicColleen Frye at SearchSoftwareQuality has a great post on extending ALM to Deployment. She interviews Gartner’s Tom Murphy and Forrester’s Dave West on integrating Release Management with Application Lifecycle Management. She also interviews Mark Pfefferman at Western & Southern Financial Group, who is using [Serena] SBM extensively to glue everything together. We have streamlined the orchestration process,” Mark says,

Michael Vizard at has a thoughtful post on the strain that moving to agile can put on solution providers and the IT operations team. As the tempo of releases increases from an agile team, IT operations sometimes struggles to keep up.

“The good news is that gap between developers and the IT operations teams are starting to close as the latest generation of ALM tools concentrate on making the operations team as flexible as the developers have become.”


There is a great article on the need for application lifecycle management (ALM) in ComputerWorld UK. It quotes Forrester’s Dave West,

“If you aren’t doing ALM today and software is important to your business, you need to start thinking about how to get transparency, how to get understanding of the application process flow, and to think of software as a business process.”

We are hearing this from more and more application delivery leaders… the need to view application development as a business process.

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D  My Documents Corporate Blog Images conductor resized 600So, here the irony: the person with the word “Information” in their job title. The CIO, has no information about how their business is running.

Yes, I know they think they have information, but the reality is they have opinion masquerading as pretty Gantt charts fooling them into thinking they have data about the state of their business. If we continue to think that going to status meetings is the way to get status we will continue to struggle to run IT and we will never deliver the kind of

As we have been out getting feedback on our Orchestrated ALM strategy, we have had the opportunity to talk to some of the most astute commentators on what’s going on in enterprise application development today. We have collected some of the more insightful commentators’ and blogger’s reactions here, as well as links to their blog posts.

What they are saying might surprise you.

Adrian Bridgwater at Dr. Dobb’s writes that “delivering applications that power revenue generation or lower cost structures is the key to creating a compelling competitive advantage, especially given that virtualization and the

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Bloor ResearchWhen I was in London on the App Vision World Tour I met with David Norfolk of Bloor Research. David and I have met many times over the years and I do enjoy sparring with him. He has great insight, is really well connected in the tech community and has a

D  My Documents Corporate Blog Images IMG 5669I just completed the App Vision World Tour in six major cities: Los Angeles, New York, Milan, Paris and London. Tom Murphy, industry analyst, joined me and presented Gartner’s view of application development over the next 3 to 5 years. I spoke about our Orchestrated ALM approach: being a process-centric way of thinking about development.  And in each city we had a local customer,