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Two weeks ago I had the good fortune to be at the Serena Customer Day in Frankfurt. There I was able to see the latest version of Dimensions CM demonstrated by Don Irvine, Senior Director of the Dimensions Development Team. After the event I sat down with him to ask him about the work his team had been doing on the performance of Dimensions 14.

KP: Great Demo Don. I heard you mention the great work you’ve been doing on performance of Dimensions. With super-fast computers and high-speed networks why is it still important to optimize for

Business man runningI’m often asked by customers how they can best modernize their software development practices. After all, many organizations are under increasing pressure to respond to their business or customer needs faster, while delivering with higher quality to on-premise, virtualized and increasing cloud environments.

Many early adopters of agile have seen the challenges of responding faster move downstream, from development to release and operations, while the business continues to request better transparency and visibility into

Jonathan Thorpe with Shania Twain look-alikeLast week I had the pleasure of working in the Serena booth at Agile2013 (me and a Shania Twain look-alike in picture to the right).  While there were quite a few booths, some very creative, it was a fairly low energy expo area.  That doesn’t mean we didn’t have some great conversations.

Agile2013 had a DevOps track. There were plenty of people who stopped by our booth who wanted to learn more about DevOps.  They were

Velocity Conference logoMy expectations for Velocity 2013 were high, based on my experience at Velocity 2012.  Once again, the folks from the Ops side of the house were out in force asking plenty of insightful questions.  This year I signed up to host a “birds-of-a-feather” session (more commonly known as a BOF) on DevOps in the traditional enterprise.  The session had good attendance; it was great to see interest from

DevOps bubbleLast week I presented a session at the Agile Development Conference West.  A quick poll of the audience indicated that not one person in the room had heard of DevOps.  This wasn’t the case of people not putting up their hands. We engaged in some good discussions throughout the session and the lack of DevOps knowledge was apparent.

There was one person in the room who works for a company that seems to be quite advanced in

The Phoenix ProjectThis week I had the pleasure of hearing Gene Kim speak about DevOps and release management again.  Although I’ve seen Gene present multiple times, I always leave his talks with more insight than the previous time.

During this presentation, it was Gene’s description of “the three ways”

Agile Development Conference WestOur very own agile advocate and DevOps guru, Jonathan Thorpe, is set to deliver an insightful presentation at Agile Development Conference West in Las Vegas, focused on the ‘Evolution of Agile.’ He’ll speak on Wednesday, June 5th at 3:45pm PT.

Agile development has evolved into a lifecycle

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While the Agile revolution isn’t done yet, the methodology is rather widely adopted now in development organizations.  This is especially true when what are being developed are Revenue Applications, apps that are directly used by customers in the course of business.

The game changer for winning the RevApp race has thus moved downstream to Change & Release Management.  Efficiently capturing Change Requests, triaging those CRs, routing and fulfilling them are part of the solution.  So is automating  deployments of both application and operational changes.  Fail at this and

Continuous Delivery is all the rage for dev teams and the release management / application delivery marketplace.  And rightfully so, as it is the application delivery methodology that lets App Dev deliver the code.  It saves time and money as it cuts the time for applications to be delivered into production.

A key driver for Continuous Delivery has been the adoption of Agile as a development methodology.  Most of our long-term application lifecycle management (ALM) customers have implemented at least some agile development processes,

Welcome back to the blog series that examines how Serena gains insight from our customers into where our solutions need to develop.

In our second episode we hear from Matt Stratton at Any online business needs to have maximum velocity in IT in order to maintain its competitive edge. To rapidly innovate and turn software versions, has to release software very fast, with repeatable accuracy and efficiency. The pressure was on at because of the development team’s move to Agile methods and the need to ensure business continuity. Two