Ben Cody Ben Cody is Vice President of Service Management Solutions at Serena Software. Ben has a broad background in information technology, with more than 17 years of experience in product development and product management. Prior to joining Serena, Ben was Senior Director of Product Management for BMC’s Service Management product family, including the Remedy product line.
Ali Kheirolomoom is Senior Vice President of Products and leads all product development and product strategy at Serena Software.
Mark Levy is Product Marketing Manager for Serena’s deployment and release management solutions, as well as being one of our key DevOps thought leaders. Mark has over 25 years of experience in enterprise software, focusing on both application development and IT operations. Prior to joining Serena, Mark held product management and product development positions at BMC Software and Candle Corp (now IBM).
Ash Owen Ashley Owen is the Director of ALM Strategy at Serena Software. Ash has worked at Serena Software for more than 25 years and is passionate about solving application delivery problems spanning demand, development, and deployment.
Kevin Parker Kevin Parker is a 30 year industry veteran, holder of three technology patents and is VP and Chief Evangelist at Serena Software. He speaks and writes on application development methodologies, business analysis, quality assurance techniques, governance, open source issues, and tool interoperability, from the mainframe to distributed platforms to the web and mobile and embedded systems. Kevin was born and educated in the UK and currently lives on a boat on the San Francisco Bay.
Peter SIanchuk Peter Sianchuk is Group Vice President, Customer Experience at Serena Software. He leads the Customer Support and Professional Services organizations and sees more customers face-to-face in a year than any other Serena employee!
Al Slovacek Al Slovacek joined Serena in 1995 and has functioned in a variety of technical and management roles including ChangeMan ZMF development. He currently serves as Vice President of Mainframe Products. Prior to Serena, Al was a developer of a variety of mainframe products ranging from z/OS performance management, storage management, VSAM optimization and compression. Prior to this he worked in IT as a Systems Programmer specializing in mainframe performance analysis, tuning, installation and configuration.
Doug Troxel Douglas D. Troxel is the founder of Serena Software and has served on Serena’s Board of Directors since 1980. From 1980 to 1997 he served as President and CEO of Serena. Doug earned his B.S. in Mathematics at Iowa State University.