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I am thrilled to announce Serena has been named a Leader by Forrester Research in its latest Wave ALM Report! This is a great accomplishment, as Forrester is one of the premier technology analyst firms in the world. Serena was recognized for its unique Orchestrated ALM offering, strategy and market presence and, even better, Serena scored a perfect five out of five for our integration and customization capabilities.

Here are some of the key excerpts from the Wave ALM report:

“Serena has made impressive advances at both the individual tool and suite level. Central to its product strategy is ‘orchestration,’ a vision of ALM as an ongoing, rhythmic activity. Not surprisingly, given this vision of a regular flow of activity (conceive, build, test, deploy), Serena has one of the best workflow designers available. Serena’s recent enhancements to its ALM portfolio, such as the Serena Release Manager, provide more support in this end-to-end orchestration model.”

The report went on to say,

“Serena has recognized how important it is for organizations to effectively orchestrate the larger ‘meta-process’ of software development and delivery, which spans the typical activities (coding, testing, building, etc.) that guide the development efforts of other commercial and open source tools. Serena Software tells a very clear story about the challenges orchestrating development and delivery in large IT organizations and how its products help organizations address those challenges.”

The Forrester Wave report was written by analysts Tom Grant, Lyle McNabb and Alissa Anderson, and is a thorough look at the ALM landscape. Analysts perform deep research and analysis into the vendors included in the report and even survey third-party influencers to make sure they are familiar with the technology.

I’m very excited to announce that our newest Orchestrated IT solution, Serena Requirements Manager, is now available! Powered by Dimensions RM, Prototype Composer and Serena Business Manager, Serena Requirements Manager provides comprehensive capabilities to orchestrate the entire requirements lifecycle. This release of Requirements Manager introduces process orchestration capabilities to help all stakeholders more easily review, approve and manage changes to requirements. Instead of being forced to go into requirements tools, stakeholders can now use a business-friendly user interface to quickly approve and access requirements documents.

User interface for approvals

When coupled with the Serena Dashboard, Requirements Manager gives customers many new metrics to help manage their requirements process. Pre-configured metrics include KPIs for requirements approval status, iterations, orphaned requirements and more.

Requirements Manager Dashboard

We’ve also released several important updates to our other Orchestrated IT products, including Serena Dashboard 2.1, Release Manager 2.1 and Development Manager 1.2.

  • In addition to the new requirements KPIs, Serena Dashboard now offers over a dozen metrics for ChangeMan ZMF
  • Serena Release Manager continues to provide leading-edge features, including tighter IT Operations integrations with Serena Service Manager, visibility into release train scope, and even more release calendar views

I am happy to report that Serena was named Champion in the category of Agile ALM by leading research firm, Info-Tech in its most recent Vendor Landscape Report. This accomplishment dovetails nicely with our recent Pink Elephant ITIL Innovation of the Year Award (Please see our blog, Pink Reflections for more on this) because we’ve now been recognized in the past two weeks for both our ITSM and our agile development technologies. Serena’s Orchestrated IT vision is all about automating, controlling and instrumenting the most important application development and operations processes to deliver true DevOps. 

The Info-Tech Research Group Vendor Landscape reports recognize outstanding vendors, assessing them by the strength of their offering and their strategy for the enterprise. The report pays tribute to the contribution of exceptional vendors in a particular category, in this case Agile ALM.  Serena has a proven history of success delivering innovation in the field of agile-based application delivery and lifecycle management for more than a quarter century, so it is quite an honor to be recognized. 

Using Serena’s orchestrated agile development, IT organizations can coordinate disparate processes, multiple tools and globally distributed teams from initial business request all the way to final production release. Serena orchestrates agility by helping IT engage more rapidly and accurately with the business, accelerate globally distributed water-scrum-fall development, and deliver more frequently to production – all while maintaining enterprise visibility and compliance to corporate and regulatory standards. 

Info-Tech highlighted Serena as the only vendor included in the report to earn “Feature Fully Present” across all 11 evaluated features. They characterize Serena as “a complete package controlled by a complete business process engine.” This underscores our commitment to offering our customers a complete tool set of features and functionality, powered by a flexible process-driven platform. And even if a customer chooses not to 100 percent “rip-and-replace,” their ALM suite with ours, Serena’s ALM products integrate with other products. This is truly unique to the development industry.

I’m proud to announce that Serena’s Release Control product, a key component of the Serena Release Manager solution, has been recognized as a finalist for the 2011 Jolt Product Excellence Awards. For over 20 years, Dr. Dobbs magazine has recognized the tools and technologies that make software development a more efficient, rich and cost- saving endeavor. Serena Release Control is a finalist in the Design, Architecture and Planning category.

As explained by Dr. Dobb’s Editor-in-Chief Jonathan Erickson,
“Dr. Dobb’s Jolt Awards recognize the most innovative, trend-making, ahead-of-the-curve products in software development. From mobile phones to massive data centers, open source or proprietary, Jolt Award winners represent the products, books and technologies that “jolt” the industry with their significance.”

Winners will be announced in October and selected by a panel of software development experts, such as industry writers from Dr. Dobb’s and other leading application development outlets, analysts and other industry pundits. Serena is proud to have “Jolted” industry gurus and be named to this prestigious list!

Today, Serena Software announced that it has signed a multi-year OEM agreement with Nolio, the leader in application release automation. This is great news for our customers and partners because they can now get an industry-leading release automation solution directly from Serena with the full backing of our worldwide, award-winning customer support. With this agreement, Serena is delivering the first and only complete, end-to-end release management solution to the market. No other vendor, from either the App Dev or IT Ops segment, can match the comprehensive release management offering that we are announcing today.
The agreement brings together the best of ALM and release automation, combining release control, vault and automation. This enables release managers, dev ops and IT operations teams to manage and automate the deployment of application releases and changes in the data center and to the cloud.
Release Management 
Eran Sher, Executive VP of Products & Business Development and co-founder of Nolio had this to say about our OEM agreement, “Nolio and Serena share a united vision – to deliver an innovative and robust combination of ALM and release automation solutions to the IT market. Together, we are able to ensure that release automation works seamlessly as part of an end-to-end ALM suite. We are delighted with the new contract, which empowers us to continue bringing this unique and advanced solution to our customers.”

Our relationship with Nolio is a timely one, as the Release Management market is growing 35 percent annually. At the same time, IT environments are becoming increasingly complex with multiple platforms and n-tier applications; all of which have growing interdependencies. In order to release and deploy new capabilities into these complex environments, large-scale updates to multiple systems and integrated software releases are critical. This requires considerable coordination and orchestration to minimize the impact to production, delivery schedules, quality imperatives, and compliance mandates. Automating release management addresses these challenges and delivers dramatic boosts to an organization’s competitive edge.

We are thrilled to offer our customers a way to implement a true process that improves visibility and alignment across business, IT and application development—and proud to be the first company to offer release automation as part of an end-to-end ALM suite.

Learn more about Serena’s OEM agreement with Nolio.

I just met with a Fortune 1000 customer who recently implemented Serena’s Release Management solution with great success. This leading provider of information services is using Serena’s Release Vault and Release Automation to automate deployment of their mission critical applications from development through to the production environment.  I wanted to share some of the business benefits being realized.

Historically, it took 30 to 60 days to release a new application into production and a team of 25 people to execute the manual tasks and scripts required to complete the production deployment.  With Serena’s Release Management solution, the manual effort for a production deployment has been reduced by 60% and application releases are now deployed in 24 hours or less.  This faster cycle time provides a major competitive advantage for our customer.  Based on this success, this customer is expanding the use of the Serena solution across their application portfolio.  By year end, 90% of their revenue ($1.5B) will be generated by the application deployed with Serena.

It’s incredibly satisfying to speak to customers realizing this level of business value.  In a recent survey of our customers, 52% of respondents told us they are using Serena solutions to deploy their applications into production.  We’ll be sharing more of these customer stories in future posts.