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As most of you know, a security flaw has been discovered in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library that is used by up to two thirds of the internet. There is no evidence that Serena or your data has been compromised in any way. More information is available on the OpenSSL website at, where you can read their security advisory.

Our engineering team has analyzed Serena Business Manager, Dimensions CM, Dimensions RM, PVCS Version Manager, ChangeMan DS and our Mainframe products and have determined they are not at risk.

In order to further protect our On-Demand customers, we re-applied all SSL certificates and updated all cores and data centers for our SaaS environment on Friday, April 11th. Out of an abundance of caution, we recommend On-Demand customers who are not using Single Sign-On (SSO) change their passwords and require users to create a new password at the next logon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact one of my customer support professionals. Contact details are available at

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I am proud and excited to announce that Serena Software has earned the 2013 Omega NorthFace ScoreBoard Award℠ for achieving excellence in customer satisfaction in the area of Customer Support.

This is particularly rewarding because the feedback and ratings are based solely on a random selection of our customers around the world, throughout the year. Not only did Serena earn this award last year but this marks the seventh year that we have earned this high honour.

Receiving third party recognition proves our ongoing commitment to building long-term customer loyalty by delivering a high quality customer experience, way beyond just technical support.  The comments we receive directly drive improvements in our communication and support processes, ensuring we go well beyond supporting our customers…to delighting them!  For more information about the award, see the press release.

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Running global Support and IT organizations brings many challenges on a daily basis; not only technical ones but also communication challenges among my teams, other teams within Serena, and, of course, our customers.

I hope that you would expect Serena to use our own technology internally and you would be right. Serena Support are extensive users of Serena Business Manager (SBM) throughout our various processes.

When a customer works with Support and we identify an issue as being either a bug or enhancement request, we let SBM take over the management and tracking of issues.

SBM - defect trend viewI like to keep a close eye on Defect/Closure trends so I can be sure all departments are working as closely together as possible.  To the right is a typical chart I review monthly.

Our system tightly interfaces with the Research & Development SBM system, which records, tracks and updates customer requests. The Support and Development management teams use SBM to prioritize what is developed and when it is released, all of which is tied back to the initial customer support request.

Using the SBM workflow I am able to quickly determine the current and historical state of issues and pinpoint any blockage that may be slowing things down.  Sometimes we’ll see a “Level 3 Request.” The screenshot below shows a high level description of the issue and the help requested.












The screenshot below illustrates the process flow and how we track actions and owners.












As you can see, we have very open communication with our customers. Even more important to note is how Serena Support interacts very closely with the R&D organization and how well they work together.

Sometimes, of course, things do go wrong and we have a tight Escalation process that we follow.

The screenshot below demonstrates how we handle such escalations. This issue has gone through our process from Support Engineer through development and out to customers in a very clear way that can be audited. I review this information on a regular basis, seeking out trends wherever possible so I can further improve how I work. You’ll see that this escalation has worked around the world, around the clock.


A very useful view for me is the social view (image at right). I can very quickly see the latest interactions and figure out who to call.

Not only do I manage all of the above using SBM but I also use it to manage the IT ServiceDesk, company-wide vacation requests,  purchase requests and the Employee Onboarding processes, to name but a few.

SBM is truly a core global solution for us.

If you’d like to talk about any aspects of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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