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Mandalay Bay in Las VegasSerena customers, partners and staff from around the world are gathered today at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for xChange12, our 16th Annual Global User Conference.  This year we’re pleased to welcome 250 customers, up 20% from last year’s very successful gathering.  While most attendees are from North America, others are traveling in from Europe, South America, Australia and Asia.

Attendees will be choosing from breakout sessions across six tracks, encompassing Orchestrated IT for Engagement and Visibility, Orchestrated Application Development, Orchestrated Release Management, Orchestrated Service Management & Operations, Serena Business Manager, and Mainframe Solutions.  Many of these breakout sessions are delivered by Serena customers themselves.

The keynote sessions will provide visibility into Serena’s vision and roadmap, including demonstrations of Serena’s latest solutions.  We’re also going to announce several winners: of the Serena Charity Challenge and of the “Douggies”, innovation awards recognizing outstanding Serena customers.

Oh yeah, we’re also going to have a rocking party the last night at the House of Blues.

Stay tuned to the Serena Blog for regular updates from xChange.  You can also follow the goings-on via Twitter hashtag #SerenaXchange.

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Orchestrated IT – a modern and agile approach to IT Management – is now moving to its next phase of evolution.  This big step keeps O-IT in the forefront of IT management for agile enterprises, in part by richly supporting today’s technology imperatives of mobile, social and cloud.  You can learn about how the various O-IT solutions are being upgraded here.

But first, what are Agile Enterprises?  Today’s business is increasingly conducted online, with those interactions increasingly involving phones, tablets, vehicles, sensors and other smart devices.  This ubiquitous connectivity of smart devices and online commerce is reshaping industries and birthing new ones.  Turning this trend to advantage requires that enterprises be agile in their use of applications and IT systems.  In short, it requires them to be Agile Enterprises.

Dot-coms – as pure online businesses – have the most obvious need for IT agility.  But they are far from alone.  Financial services have long been online dependent businesses.  Online agility has now spread to retail, government, hospitality, entertainment, manufacturing and transportation.  Indeed, the winning organizations in nearly every industry and public sector are now Agile Enterprises.

Agile enterprises use IT strategically, mastering the ability to sense and respond to IT requirements and opportunities faster and more assuredly than their competitors.  They can do this best by utilizing Orchestrated IT systems that leverage today’s technology imperatives.

To help spread the word about IT’s essential role in enterprise agility, we’re sponsoring a #GiveITaBeer haiku contest on Twitter.  Check it out.

Today’s successful enterprises are quicker than their competition when it comes to rolling out and updating externally facing apps and online services.  We at Serena have found that Orchestrated IT helps achieve this sort of IT agility.  And we’ve also found that the heroes who work in world-class IT organizations tend to like craft beers.  Surprised?  I think not.

So we’re looking to celebrate IT agility through poetry, haikus in particular.  The winning haiku will win a full year of monthly craft beer deliveries.

Of course the contest is being held on Twitter under the hashtag #GiveITaBeer.

So tap into your creative side for a chance to win beer for a year or cash prizes.  Simply thank IT or describe IT agility in the form of a tweeted, 17-syllable Haiku. The contest will kick off on Monday, August 27, 2012 at 9:01 a.m. PT and ends September 21, 2012 at 12:01 p.m. PT.

To enter, write and submit a Haiku poem (Three lines of 5-7-5 syllables) showing your appreciation for IT Agility. Each line of the Haiku should be separated by a period, comma or slash. All entries must be submitted via Twitter to @Serena_Software and include the hash tag #GiveITaBeer.

This is your chance to win yourself or your IT department Beer for a Year!

A panel of judges will select winners based on creativity, humor and relevance. Winners will be announced via Twitter on Monday, September 24, 2012.

For official rules and prizes go to http://ser.so/ITagilitycontest.

Yesterday – July 31, 2012 – was a red letter day for Serena, the day we moved into our new HQ space in San Mateo.  No, not the old HQ space in San Mateo.  That was years ago and well up the hill on 92.  Our new HQ occupies the fourth floor of 1850 Gateway Drive, a great building in a great location.

First the location: just inside the elbow of 101 and 92, it feels like we’re in Foster City, because, well, we’re across the street from Foster City, a mere block from the Metro Tower.  This puts us within walking distance of restaurants, hotels and all manner of stores.  Think of this spot as the commuting center-of-gravity for the entire Bay Area.  Our East Bay folks come off the San Mateo bridge right into the office, Bay-side and City commuters come right off 101, while western peninsula folks like me take 280 and 92, avoiding 101 altogether.

Most importantly to the evident happiness of everyone here at Serena HQ is the excellent layout, light and size of this full floor space.  Unlike our previous Redwood City HQ, which was always too large (but such a deal back in the day), this 21K sq. ft. space is roomy but cozy, which imparts an energy and sense of teamwork that our formerly wide open spaces lacked.  Light streams in from all four directions, along with views of water on the Bay side and fog creeping over the Santa Cruz Mountains on the Pacific side.  The renowned beauty of the Bay Area sure isn’t hidden here!

We’re still unpacking a bit, but are ready to host customers, not to mention Serena staffers from Hillsboro, Woodland Hills, Colorado Springs, Reston, the Big Apple, St Albans, München, Köln, Kiev, Paris, Milano, Madrid, Stockholm, São Paulo, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo, Seoul and Bangalore.  This isn’t the largest Serena facility, but it is one of the nicest.

How do you get here?  Fly into SFO, then drive four exits south on 101 and look for the Serena folks with smiles on their faces.

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Orchestrated ITWe’re proud to announce that the Orchestrated IT advances we announced in March are now generally available.  Version 3.5 of Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions offer major advances in usability, performance, and your ability to coordinate both application and operational changes through a consistent UI and powerful process-based platform.  Your IT-powered business is in for a major boost in speed and agility.

Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions include Serena Dashboard, Request Center, Demand Manager, Requirements Manager, Development Manager, Release Manager and Service Manager, with orchestration powered by Serena Business Manager (SBM). Version 3.5 is the first unified release where all Serena solutions share the same revision number and are updated simultaneously, providing you with higher quality products, simplified installation, tighter integrations, better support for distributed and mainframe environments, and easier service and support.

The latest version of our solutions include significant enhancements, including the ability to coordinate both application and operations changes through a consistent user interface and with a unified IT inbox. Additional enhancements include:

  • Dashboard 3.5: The NEW Serena Mobile Dashboard allows IT executives to use mobile devices like the iPad to interact with the latest KPIs and dashboards. Intuitive drill-downs, simple data manipulation and rapid personalization make it even easier to find the right IT metrics no matter where you are.
  • Request Center 3.5: Serena Request Center now comes with over 30 pre-built services, or “starter packs,” making it easier for you to jump-start your rollout. Knowledge management articles can now be made available for public or internal use, and controlled down to departmental or individual level.
  • Service Manager 3.5: The newest release of Serena Service Manager now makes it easier to assign tasks to groups or specific individuals and quickly review all tickets previously submitted by a user – further helping expedite issue resolution.
  • Development Manager 3.5: The latest version of Development Manager includes enhancements such as work-area client compatibility, event hooks for validation, enhancements to refactoring views and much more.
  • Requirements Manager 3.5: The latest updates to Requirements Manager include significant performance enhancements and diagnostics, enhanced dependent attributes and improved quick search capabilities.

Version 3.5 of Serena’s Orchestrated IT solutions can be downloaded from the My Downloads section of the Serena Support site.

Orchestrated ITSerena just began shipping several new products.  And there’s no better way to view the latest features than live.  Catch Serena at any of the three shows detailed below to get personalized demos of our award-winning solutions from our product experts!

SHARE 2012 from August 5-10 in Anaheim, CA

SHARE Inc. is an independent, volunteer-run association providing enterprise technology professionals with continuous education and training, valuable professional networking and effective industry influence. As we continue to participate at SHARE, we’ll showcase our Orchestrated IT solutions for the mainframe, which include Serena Development Manager, Serena Release Manager, ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool IOO, StarTool FDM and StarTool DA.

Agile2012 Conference from August 13-17 in Dallas, TX

At Agile2012 attendees will explore the latest Agile development methodologies, technologies, tools, leadership principles, management philosophies and processes.  Serena will communicate how our Orchestrated IT solutions help the entire IT lifecycle become agile, our philosophy on linking Dev and Ops, and what “self-service deployment” means.  Also, team members will be on hand to demonstrate the latest version of Serena Release Manager, the only release management offering on the market today that leverages a process-based approach.

Pink Forum 12 – ITSM Leadership Forum from August 16-17 in Scottsdale, AZ

This event features multi-tracks with 90-minute roundtable discussion style sessions, addressing 24 of today’s most pressing ITSM issues.  The goal of PinkForum12 is to provide ITSM Leaders with essential awareness, insight, guidance and strong advice for ensuring that critical issues are being addressed. We will present the updated Serena Service Manager, winner of the ITIL Innovation of the Year Award, Tech Awards Circle Bronze Award and Network Products Guide Best IT Product.

We hope to meet you at one of these locations!

Pink Elephant ITIL Innovation of the Year AwardAwards confer independent confirmation of achievement.  One or two awards don’t necessarily signify much.  But four over six months suggest something deeper, something significant.

Serena has indeed received four product and leadership awards so far in 2012, along with placement in some prominent Top Companies listings.  Together these add up to independent confirmation of our status as one of the most important software companies in the world and of Orchestrated IT as one of the most relevant concepts in the world of IT management.

The awards that have come Serena’s way include the Tech Awards Circle, for which Serena Service Manager was a Bronze winner in the Best Enterprise Software category.  Serena Service Manager was also recognized as the Best IT Product with a Network Products Guide Award.  Most impressively, Serena Service Manager and Serena Release Manager were jointly recognized by Pink Elephant as ITIL Innovation of the Year.

This last award is very meaningful given Pink Elephant’s status as the world’s leading ITSM consultancy.

Serena was also recognized as a member of the SD Times 100 for 2012, marking the ninth consecutive year that Serena has made that prestigious list.

Serena has also been recently recognized as a major Silicon Valley / San Francisco Bay Area company.  The San Francisco Business Times ranks Serena as the ninth largest software company on the peninsula, while the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal ranks Serena #18 on their Top 25 Software Companies list.

Taken together, this public recognition reflects the positive work that Serena people do every day, and the great results that our customers get from our software.

I am happy to report that the Doug Serena, CIO webisode series, viewable on our YouTube channel and at Serena.com/DougSerenaCIO, has exceeded the 2,000 view milestone. The initial episode alone has been viewed a thousand times.

We created Doug Serena, CIO to educate people about the benefits of Orchestrated IT in a fun and fresh way.  The results have been gratifying, both anecdotally and quantitatively.  We’ve heard from customers, analysts and journalists that it provides insight into the real goings-on of senior IT leadership teams in a way never before seen.  And now we see that the videos have been viewed a couple thousand times.

Keep a look out for more Doug Serena, CIO news and tweets!

Episode five, the finale to the popular docudrama Doug Serena, CIO, airs on Monday, April 9th, concluding the case study of an intrepid IT leadership team’s quest to transform their company from endangered to dominating.

Last week, in episode four, the tension between “Team Doug” and “Team Brad” grew to a boiling point as the release date for Millennium quickly approached. We were also introduced to Doug’s “kids”, and the important trip to India he and his wife hoped to take to finally meet them. Not only the future of Doug’s company, Qlarius, but also the chance of meeting his sponsored children hinges on Millennium’s success!

In the final episode, Doug and his team celebrate a successful early release of Millennium. With a simple keyboard click, Doug releases Millennium into production, turning his team into instant Qlarius rock stars and heroes. While Brad is relieved about the application’s success, something new grips him, stress, as it is now the sales team’s turn in the company spotlight to capitalize on the new application by closing some new business in a hurry. In the end, the development and release of Millennium using Serena’s Orchestrated IT System helped Qlarius turn a corner, and also helped some orphan children in India to meet their sponsors from the other side of the world.

Enjoy the show and don’t forget to participate in our daily trivia contest, which runs through April 20th, for a chance to win prizes.

HOT Finalist logoI am thrilled to report that two Serena solutions have been named finalists for the prestigious 2012 Network Products Guide Best Products Awards:

  • Serena Service Manager for the IT Products and Services for Service Delivery category;
  • Serena Release Manager for the Application Delivery category.

Winners will be announced on May 8, 2012 during an awards dinner and presentation in Las Vegas.

Coming on top of the recent Pink Elephant ITIL Innovation of the Year Award, which also recognized these two solutions, this latest accolade burnishes Serena’s IT management credentials, especially in the areas of DevOps and ITSM.

See all of the Network Products Guide category finalists.

It’s been an award-winning year for Serena so far in 2012.  In addition to the above, Serena has also been named to the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal’s Top 25 Software Companies list and was named Champion in the Agile ALM category in Info-Tech Research Group’s most recent Vendor Landscape report.

Wow.  And it’s only April.