ITIL vs. DevOps – Friend or Foe? Pink’s George Spalding has an opinion…

The intersection of ITIL and DevOps is an interesting one, and a topic that we have previously godzilla-mechagodzilla1974discussed. This topic is getting more and more air play as we see enterprises adopting DevOps practices like Continuous Delivery and Infrastructure as Code. After all, ITIL has been around for 25 years, and many enterprise IT organizations have adopted ITSM as their process/best practice backbone for delivering value to the business.  But most IT shops are still not satisfied with their performance and are starting to turn to DevOps since it promises more agility and better quality.

How do ITIL and DevOps work together? How does DevOps impact ITIL? How do you implement Continuous Delivery in an ITIL shop?  There are many questions that need answers. We’ve asked George Spalding from Pink Elephant to join us at the DevOps Drive-in on July 25th to help provide some answers. ITIL and DevOps – Friend or Foe? Let’s ask George and find out.

Mark Levy is a Product Marketing Director at Serena Software focusing on DevOps and the Enterprise. He has over 25 years of experience in enterprise software, focusing on both application development and IT operations.

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