DevOps Isn’t Just for Unicorns

A photo of JV taking a photo of the audience at DevOpsDays AtlantaI am on my way back from DevOpsDays Atlanta.  It was the first DevOpsDays event in Atlanta and most of the attendees had never been to a DevOpsDays before.  As Serena is supportive of the DevOpsDays events I’ve been to a fair few now and I was starting to see the same faces and topics over and over.  Atlanta certainly changed my perception of that. It’s great to see new people coming to DevOpsDays events.  John Vincent (@lusis) and the rest of the Atlanta crew did a wonderful job.  The venue was awesome and the choice of speakers was spot on. I really enjoyed the event.

To the right is a photo of John taking a photo of the DevOpsDays audience.

The event also continued to prove that DevOps isn’t just for unicorns and enterprises routinely come to DevOpsDays events to learn more about DevOps and how to release software more effectively.

I’m looking forward to subsequent DevOpsDays Atlanta events and also am looking forward to seeing John Vincent on stage again, sooner rather than later. He has quite the stage presence.

I’ll close by announcing an upcoming webcast featuring a popular speaker from the DevOpsDays movement.  The upcoming Devops Drive-In webcast for October is a DevOps panel discussion featuring Damon Edwards of DTO Solutions and Dave West of Tasktop.  Damon and Dave were part of a larger DevOps Panel at the xChange 2013 user conference and it was so well received we thought we would bring their banter to a larger audience.  You can view a clip of Damon and Dave in action in the DevOps panel by clicking here.

Jonathan Thorpe is Product Marketing Manager for all things DevOps and Continuous Delivery at Serena Software. Previously Jonathan worked as a Systems Analyst at Electric Cloud, specializing in DevOps-related solutions. Jonathan holds a degree in Computing Systems from Nottingham Trent University.

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