Serena and Tasktop Team Up to Provide More Value to ALM Tools

Tasktop logoSerena has entered into a strategic relationship with Tasktop Technologies where our joint solutions will be extremely valuable to customers that want to integrate SBM with third-party ALM environments.

Our customers need Serena solutions to work seamlessly with other tools in the ALM ecosystem.  Integrating with Tasktop allows us to offer those connections without having to build and maintain every one of those connectors ourselves, so it’s the perfect win-win combination!

Serena Software and Tasktop combined solutions will:

  • Enable SBM to easily co-exist within complex ALM environments.
  • Extend the ALM reach and integration options (over 40 vendors!) open to Serena customers.
  • Reduce the risk of adoption and integration of multiple ALM systems for customers.
  • Streamline the integration of work item driven development in the IDE’s with SBM’s work orchestration capabilities.

Working with Tasktop is also a cost-effective solution to provide future proof integrations for Serena’s customers.  There are two major functional components to the solution:

  • Tasktop Dev – integrates SBM-based work items with the Visual Studio and Eclipse IDE’s.
  • Tasktop Sync – keeps SBM artefacts in sync with third-party ALM repositories (for example, defects in HP QC or Change Requests in JIRA).

The initial release of our SBM connector for Tasktop is expected by the end of September.  It will cover most of the basic use cases for browsing work items in SBM from within the IDE.  Plus, users will be able to keep SBM-hosted work items in sync with other supported ALM systems using Tasktop Sync.  We expect to deliver a follow up connector release towards the end of 2013, which will complete the full targeted functionality.  Stay tuned for more details!  See the Serena/Tasktop Partnership story in eWeek.

Corné Human is Serena Software’s Product Officer for Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Products.

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Sparsh Laharpure on May 1st, 2014 at 2:10 pm


We’re exploring this tool and wanted to check the integration feasibility. From my understanding,Tasktop is a third party licensed tool which I need to ‘purchase’ if I want to integrate Serena’s Release management or Business management module. Is there any out of the box functionality or plugin or way by which we can integrate Serena modules with HP ALM or HP PPM?

I’ll also appreciate if you could provide me the version compatibility matrix i.e. which version of Serena is supported with which version of HP QC/ALM/PPM.


Serena Software Blog on May 9th, 2014 at 11:33 am

Tasktop Dev for Serena Business Manager is available for free, and integrates Tasktop and Mylyn’s task-focused interface technology with SBM. Tasktop Sync for SBM enables cross-team collaboration by connecting SBM to other ALM tools. You can find more info at the following pages:”

Sparsh Laharpure on May 13th, 2014 at 7:16 am


Thanks for reply. I luckily found a document in your support site DM_RM_QC_Integration.pdf as per which I can integrate DM/RM with HP QC/ALM using OOTB sync engine service.

Kindly confirm if that has any drawbacks or if there is any value addition using Tasktop to integrate instead of OOTB feature.


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