Orchestrated IT Explained in 2 Minutes

Orchestrated ITis how effective organizations develop and manage IT systems. That’s why Serena created a new 2-minute video to explain what Orchestrated IT is all about. This upbeat video debuted at xChange, Serena’s annual user conference, and received many glowing reviews from IT professionals in the crowd! Watch the video and I guarantee you’ll find yourself getting excited about Orchestrated IT, especially if you’ve been living with disparate teams, processes and tools for years.

Give us just 2 minutes and you’ll be able to see how Serena Orchestrated IT can get your Apps and Ops teams to work perfectly in sync. After watching the video, I encourage you to see Orchestrated IT in action by watching our Doug Serena CIO webisode miniseries that shows an IT leadership team using Orchestrated IT.

Kevin Parker is a 30 year industry veteran, holder of three technology patents and is VP of Worldwide Marketing at Serena Software. He speaks and writes on application development methodologies, business analysis, quality assurance techniques, governance, open source issues, and tool interoperability, from the mainframe to distributed platforms to the web and mobile and embedded systems.

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