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SBM App Winners Blog post imageWe recently closed the SBM App-A-Thon contest and would like to thank each and every one of the contest participants, and in particular those that contributed a process application, form extension or plug-in. Thank you!

It is our pleasure to announce

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DevOps bubbleDevOps is not restricted to platforms that are more modern. Many DevOps teams own the responsibility of mainframe deployments as much as they own the non-mainframe ones. Releasing software safely into production has been a critical skillset in the mainframe community for five decades. It

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Large enterprises are under pressure from the marketplace to increase business agility. Failing to do so, could impact market share, competitiveness and financial stability. This translates into delivering higher quality software faster. But the complexity of large enterprise IT produces many challenges. Enterprise IT often supports hundreds of applications across different types of systems that are developed using different methodologies by geographically dispersed teams. There is no single delivery pipeline or release process, there are many, often operating at different speeds from manual to automated, and all operating under a mandate of regulatory compliance.

Gartner recommends that these enterprises take

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New StoryDuring the holiday season, oftentimes people get so busy and distracted with our million and one things to do on our lists, we forget to stop and think about the less fortunate. This year I wanted to team together with all Serena employees to make a real and transparent difference. To unite in helping to build a home for a family in need.

We accomplished this through the charity organization, New Story, who funds life-saving homes, turning tent slums into sustainable communities for

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DevOps and the Rise of Bimodal ITAs enterprise IT begins to adopt DevOps practices, questions and issues emerge about how to best implement the culture, process, and tools to deliver on the promises of faster business innovation at a lower cost. How do you transform the current state? The Enterprise IT landscape is complex, sophisticated, dynamic, and frequently chaotic. Unlike Internet startups, you are dealing with a large, diverse set of heterogeneous infrastructures glued together across many teams and locations that

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Peer Review

Much is being written about, found and reported on the Volkswagen AG emissions scandal. As a long time practitioner of software change and configuration management practices, events such as these become teaching moments from which we can all learn.

An average vehicle today contains around 60 microprocessors to run electric content – four times as many as a decade ago. More than 10 million lines of software code run a typical vehicle’s sophisticated

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We have started the planning for xChange 2016 at last! So here’s what we know:

  • Location: Chicago IL, back to the Windy City where we were in 2007. The city skyline has changed quite a bit but still spectacular and the new River Walk is really impressive with amazing places to eat and hang out. Deep dish pizza is still the best in the world and Chicago dogs are to die for.
  • Date: 19th of September, 2016 so block off you calendar now.
  • Hotel: The newly remodeled Renaissance Hotel on Wacker Drive right on the river.
  • Agenda:


We are delighted to have been recognized as a leader in Enterprise Service Management in Research In Action Selection Matrix.

Of particular note, the report emphasizes how Serena differentiates in realizing the importance of integrating Application Lifecycle Management and ITSM processes for the future of IT Service Management. For many years, we have seen

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Bringing customers together to share experiences and comment on the latest ideas and technologies from Serena is one of the primary ways we guide and shape product direction. If you are in the Bay Area on November 5th you should join us and be part of this informative day:

High-Level Agenda

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One repository or many … the answer is neither

One of the most commonly asked questions these days is “Should all our source code be in one repository?” This is a complex question and leads to a somewhat interesting set of answers.

Before we get to that lets try and understand the question a little more and find out why customers asking this? In IT we like to centralize and optimize. Gathering all the code in one place is seen as the next logical set of distributed data ripe for centralization and optimization. All in one place means we can manage access better,

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Technical blog posts

Customers often ask how to connect Serena Deployment Automation and Maven or Maven based repositories like Nexus. Screens may differ in later versions of SDA.

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New in SDA 6.1

A plugin for Atlassian Bamboo is now available to integrate the Bamboo CI processes with SDA deployments.


The following PDF document serves as a comprehensive introduction to using the Altassian Bamboo plugin and covers the following:

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The rapidly expanding growth of distributed ZMF clients can be attributed to a more intuitive user experience,  smart editors, integrated debuggers and more.   As this technology becomes more widely implemented,  customers have requested  stronger network security for their ZMF Environment.  Specifically the request has come in for all ZMF communications to be encrypted using the strongest version of TLS.

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Administering SBM

Within SBM, there are three different levels of Administrators…

  1. System Administrators
  2. Managed Administrators
  3. Global Managed Administrators

Let’s break down what each of these are.

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We have now launched four Dimensions CM Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) on Serena Central. We use SIG’s to engage with the community around specific areas of the product that we are developing. By becoming involved in a SIG you will be able to gain insight into and provide direction on how a feature is evolved.

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Pipelines were introduced in SDA 5.1.3, and allow for deployments to take place across multiple environments when running a application process.


A pipeline is a sequence of environments where an application process request is propagated



For more information on how to set up a simple pipeline in SDA, please check out the following


SDA 5.1.x: PDF document

SDA 6.x PDF document

Check out the accompanying Video SDA: Pipeline Getting Started Tutorial on KBTV.

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The Kiuwan Analysis Expert

In the eigth of a series of articles we are going to look at the Kiuwan Analysis tool and how you can harness this technology from within Pulse.

Kiuwan is a third-party commercial cloud based service code analyser that performs an in-depth analysis of source code using a suite of analysis tools. The Kiuwan expert is bundled with Pulse, however a Kiuwan account and Kiuwan Local Anaylzer tool will be required in order for the expert to be able to utilise the cloud based service.

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Want to try out the new SRC mobile client, but don't have SRC?  Or you do have SRC but don't have a non-production instance to play with?  We've got you covered!

During the SRC mobile beta, we made a test server available to our beta testers.  To help out folks without easy access to an SRC instance, we've left that server up and running.  Just download the SRC mobile client from the Apple App Store or Google Play and connect to our hosted server using the following information:

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Dimensions CM server has an inbuilt mechanism that allows a job to be run from a client either directly on the server itself or on a remote server/agent installation. It is also possible to schedule these jobs and use specific variables and implement logic using the CM templater system.

The following PDF document provides a complete but simple example tutorial of how to achieve this.

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As much as we may hate to admit it, problems do sometimes arise in the ZMF Server started task that may lead to an abend (and I hasten to stress that these are not always Serena's fault!).  Also, back in the dim and distant past that coincided with the release of ZMF 7.1, the recommended started task dump file contained in the SERVER sample CNTL member changed from the tried and trusted:

//SYSUDUMP  DD SYSOUT=*                             *Abend list        

to the new (and slightly mysterious for some):

//SYSMDUMP  DD DISP=(MOD,CATLG,CATLG),             * SYSMDUMP         
//             DSN=somnode.SERCOMC.SYSMDUMP(+1),                      
//             UNIT=SYSDA,SPACE=(CYL,(200,100),RLSE),                 
//             DCB=(DSORG=PS,RECFM=FBS,LRECL=4160,BLKSIZE=4160)       

Many of our customers are comfortable with SYSMDUMPs.  However, if you are unfamiliar with this format, have never made the change to your started tasks’ JCL, are wondering why this happened, how these should be handled or are interested in some of the common mistakes we see customers making with them, then please read on.

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Introducing the Jenkins CI Expert

In the seventh of a series of articles we are going to look at the Jenkins CI tool and how you can harness this technology from within Pulse. Allowing the user to be able to implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Inspection when delivering changes.

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Introducing the Serena Deployment Automation expert

In the sixth of a series of articles we are going to look at the Serena Deployment Automation (SDA) tool and how you can harness this technology from within Pulse.

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So why should we care about this “DevOps” movement?

DevOps is more than developing software and getting it in to the hands of your users. The term development encompasses so much more than code. Development encompasses things such as requirements definition and management, version management, business analysis, user acceptance testing, and much more.

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 Upgrading to SBM 11.0 and have a large database? – Index the Work Center Smart Search in advance


In SBM 11.0, the Work Center search index is completely rebuilt when Tomcat is started for the first time after the upgrade. If you have a large Application Engine database and/or sizable attachments (and wish to index these) then the Work Center index could take a long time to complete (hours/days). This blog describes how you can create the index prior to upgrade.

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When making manual updates to files in SBM, we like to make copies of the original.  We, also, tend to leave these copies in the original directory.  This practice can cause issues when making updates to JBoss / Tomcat files. 

XML, WAR and JAR files are all files that can get loaded even if they have a different name.  We often think the update failed, when in fact JBoss / Tomcat actually loads a different file.

To solve this issue, save the copy to your desktop or documents folder for back up.

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Introducing the Checkstyle expert

In the fifth of a series of articles we are going to look at the Checkstyle analysis tool and how you can harness this technology from within Pulse. 

The Checkstyle expert is included out of the box with Pulse and is used to report as to whether source code complies to certain coding standards.
Style compliant code can be an important metric in determining the health and quality of code being delivered. Checkstyle automates this process and generates a detailed report, which can be inspected directly from within the Pulse Review.

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Over time, the list of requests in your global inbox of your Dimensions Desktop Client can become full of requests, making it difficult to browse the current requests on which you are working.  To alleviate this, any old inactive requests can be moved to the Secondary Catalog.  Once moved, the requests are still searchable via Edit - Find - Secondary Requests on the menu bar.  Users with adequate permission can search for requests in the secondary catalog and right click to move them back to the main catalog if you move a request that is still active by accident.

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The Dependency Vulnerabilities Expert


In the third of a series of articles we are going to look at the Dependency Vulnerabilities analysis tool and how you can harness this technology from within Pulse.  

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A simple application (Gift Card) consisting of the typical elements: 

  • Workflow Design Elements
    • 4 states, 5 transitions
  • Data Design Elements
    • 12 fields
  • Visual Design Elements
    • 3 forms, 3 form actions, 1 REST Grid

 This SBM v11 application will retrieve the Zip Code based on the City and State entered on the form using a REST Grid Widget (

To download a blueprint of the application, click here

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Day 2 discussed certificate chains which is part of how SSL/TLS provides for authenticity.  Also, part of authenticity is that the server hostname (common name) that the client submits to is the same server hostname that appears in the issued to of the SSL Certificate. 

If the URL is HTTPS:// but the server certificate is issued to then the client should NOT trust that the server is secure.  Therefore, any hostname that gets used to create a HTTPS url for the server should match the common name the SSL certificate is issued to like HTTPS://

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