Serena Software Wins NorthFace ScoreBoard Award For Ninth Time

NFSB award logoI am delighted to announce that Serena Software has earned the 2015 Omega NorthFace ScoreBoard Award℠ for achieving excellence in customer satisfaction in the area of Customer Support.

This is the ninth time Serena has won this award and reflects the strong commitment that Serena Support has to customer success. Not only is this a measure of the Support organisation but also of the entire Serena organisation as we work closely with our customers, across all departments. The Omega award is important to us as the feedback and ratings are based solely on a random selection of our customers around the world, throughout the year.

Receiving third party recognition proves our ongoing commitment to building long-term customer loyalty by delivering a high quality customer experience, way beyond just technical support. The comments we receive directly drive improvements in our communication and support processes as well as our products, ensuring we go well beyond supporting our customers…to delighting them! For more information about the award, see the press release: “Serena Software Honored for Delivering ‘World-Class’ Customer Service”

Peter Sianchuk is SVP of Serena's SBM & Solutions R&D Organizations, our award winning Customer Support and our Professional Services organizations. Through his leadership his teams ensure that Serena delivers the highest level of Customer Service from implementation to ongoing support and service. Peter sees more customers face-to-face in a year than any other Serena employee!

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