New Serena Requirements Manager Solution + Orchestrated ALM Updates

I’m very excited to announce that our newest Orchestrated IT solution, Serena Requirements Manager, is now available! Powered by Dimensions RM, Prototype Composer and Serena Business Manager, Serena Requirements Manager provides comprehensive capabilities to orchestrate the entire requirements lifecycle. This release of Requirements Manager introduces process orchestration capabilities to help all stakeholders more easily review, approve and manage changes to requirements. Instead of being forced to go into requirements tools, stakeholders can now use a business-friendly user interface to quickly approve and access requirements documents.

User interface for approvals

When coupled with the Serena Dashboard, Requirements Manager gives customers many new metrics to help manage their requirements process. Pre-configured metrics include KPIs for requirements approval status, iterations, orphaned requirements and more.

Requirements Manager Dashboard

We’ve also released several important updates to our other Orchestrated IT products, including Serena Dashboard 2.1, Release Manager 2.1 and Development Manager 1.2.

  • In addition to the new requirements KPIs, Serena Dashboard now offers over a dozen metrics for ChangeMan ZMF
  • Serena Release Manager continues to provide leading-edge features, including tighter IT Operations integrations with Serena Service Manager, visibility into release train scope, and even more release calendar views

Steve Brodie is the former Group VP & General Manager for Serena Software’s ALM business unit.


Frank on December 12th, 2012 at 5:53 am

How do I set up Serena to be a multi-step (document) approval process knowing that at any point in the process it could be rejected and returned to step one? The approval process isn’t hard but having an attachment (the document) that needs to get iterated by check-in/check-out complicates this. Is this automated somehow?

Veronica Sullivan on December 12th, 2012 at 10:53 am

Serena Business Manager, the process platform for Serena’s solutions, is an easy way to manage multi-step workflows. SBM can allow you to set up such a workflow process with the graphical SBM Composer capabilities.
Please visit Serena’s support site and you can find much more details by searching the knowledgebase or contacting a technical support rep for individual help.

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