12 Strategies for Delivering End-to-End Agility

How do you best implement Agile lifecycle practices to ensure end-to-end agility for IT application and service delivery?  

Creative Intellect Consulting (CIC), a prominent UK analyst firm, has written a “creative short” – a short paper filled with expert insights – on what leading IT organizations are doing to be truly agile across the entire enterprise. Learn how you can successfully extend agile from a core development focus to a standard that stakeholders across the entire application delivery lifecycle can embrace.  

Read the “12 Strategies for Delivering End-to-End Agility” to learn how to: 

  • Focus on end-to-end IT processes to help all IT be more agile.
  • Maintain governance and auditability without sacrificing agile benefits.
  • Enable IT Operations to more easily manage the higher volume of agile sprints and releases.
  • Overcome organizational and technological challenges with hybrid water-scrum-fall techniques.

Ashley Owen is the Director of Product Marketing for SBM, Dimensions RM, and Dimensions CM at Serena Software. Ash has worked at Serena Software for more than 25 years and is passionate about solving application delivery problems spanning demand, development, and deployment.

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