xChange: day 1 was bella

Day one:

John got us off to a roaring start with the Serena Vision and Direction and brought all the customers up to date with the latest developments. He introduced us all to the easy to understand and easy tell message:

Orchestrated Apps + Orchestrated Ops = Orchestrated IT

He spoke about customer successes and convinced the crowd that we are back to the core businesses that make us so successful.

The “Serena Players” took us through the End-to-End Demo and customers were very visibly impressed. We showed the Request Center and the Dashboards and the integrations amongst the solutions and the crowd was on the edge of their seats. At the break the demo booths were packed with customers wanting to get their hands on the latest solutions and ask questions.

The morning highlight for many was Roadmap and Vision Sessions delivered by Steve Brodie and Ali Kheirolomoom showing the directions the solutions are taking. They both received rapturous applause for the path they are taking us on.

And David Hurwitz rounded out the morning with interviews of Peter Rizzo of Interactive Data and Quinn Lanus of Sungard talk about their experiences of their current Service Management solutions and why these chose to move to Serena Service Manager.

The afternoon was full of in depth breakout sessions with one TeamTrack customer telling me “I know exactly what I am going to do when I get back: I’m upgrading to SBM … that stuff is so cool!”

And if you talk to anyone who attended the conference they will certainly remember the string quartet, Bella Electric Strings, who opened the show with acoustic Light Classical and rocked the partner party with Electric Pop. Check out their YouTube video.


Kevin Parker is a 30 year industry veteran, holder of three technology patents and is VP of Worldwide Marketing at Serena Software. He speaks and writes on application development methodologies, business analysis, quality assurance techniques, governance, open source issues, and tool interoperability, from the mainframe to distributed platforms to the web and mobile and embedded systems.

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