Thinking of Replacing Your ITSM Solution?

Last week I visited a Serena customer who is a long-time devotee of our Dimensions Requirements Management solution. They were planning to upgrade or possibly replace their ITSM solution, and I had already reached out to them about considering Serena Service Manager. I knew that as they considered all options, they wanted to learn more the pros and cons of replacing their legacy solution with something more innovative. They considered their current implementation to be outdated and unsuited for the breadth and style of service delivery their users are demanding.

Our discussion included topics that are relevant to any organization that is exploring alternatives to the traditional big and cumbersome ITSM vendors: costs, flexibility, visibility, usability, and satisfaction.

What are your main issues with your legacy ITSM solution?

Issue Urgency Importance
High costs    
Difficult implementation    
Arduous modifications    
Limited and hard-to-use self-service    
Inadequate automation    
Insufficient insight and reporting    
User complaints    
Not easy to add services or centralize offerings    

One thing that was very important to this customer was improving self-service, which they see as one key way to reduce costs and increase user satisfaction. They want to consolidate various online business services so users have a single service desk where they can explore, submit and track issues and requests. We talked about the role of process automation in realizing this vision. Oh, and cost. They want to be able to implement and frequently adapt this unified service fulfillment desk while spending and waiting less than they do today. That imperative means that each of the criteria listed above is urgent and important to them.

I’d like to hear from you about your most pressing issues, so please add your comments.

Ben Cody is Vice President of Product Management at Serena Software. Ben has a broad background in information technology, with more than 17 years of experience in product development and product management. Prior to joining Serena, Ben was Senior Director of Product Management for BMC’s Service Management product family, including the Remedy product line.

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